Old Soul Faq!

This story is meant for questions about old souls, so, if you ask some questions i answer them here as well as i can. I'm not all-knowing, certainly not, but i know enough.

How there can be old and young souls?

Well... everybody knows that human population on the earth is bigger than it has ever been and its still growing. If you would believe that every person has a soul then its natural that souls have to be born to keep up with our population growth. These new souls are, so called, young souls... But old souls are the ones that are born very long time ago or have lived a lot of lives.

What makes old and young souls different?

First, none of them are better than the others, difference is in experience of lived lives. Some old souls have lived only few lives and have slightly different knowledge base than the souls that have lived a lot of lives, its complicated and I'm not gone go through it right now.

Young souls can adjust more easily to changes of the world, for example, souls born after year 2000 will learn quickly to live in harmony with current world... as for old souls, they will find it a lot more difficult. Because the lives they have lived in last era, old souls are adjusted to live in there, and it takes one or two lives to get a grip in new one, depends on their soul age. That is why a lot of old souls feel trapped and left out in this world, their minds are confused cause what has been clear to them (their mind and souls) for last era suddenly don't apply.

For example, when old man is put to live in the different culture-language, he will find it more difficult to adjust but if you put a young boy to live in a different culture-language, he would adjust quite easily to a new one.

How old is old?

I have find that most efficient way to label soul ages is in what place of time they are from first soul to last.


<-- older                         younger-->

| first soul                           last soul |

A picture for the ones who need visuals.

(funny, isn't it? :P)

So, i would call old ones souls who are born in first third. Middle-aged are second third and younger souls last third.

What abilities are common to old souls?

Most common ones, that all older or middle-aged souls have are:

/Knowing the truth/ without thinking about it. This one is probably the one that old souls use most often and usually passively. It is a feeling old soul have when he/she is thinking about something and for the ones who don't know about this ability will seem like a bad or good feeling about something. Alongside with it they also feel how people they are communicating with are thinking about them, how they feel towards them. Even when other person is smiling and seems like a good friend, old souls know the truth, even when they don't show that they know. Its often hard for old souls, because talking to people that don't think very good about them is very uncomfortable and old souls probably avoid those people whenever they can.

/Seeing the future/ is quite common too, it may not be always clear and about seemingly important things. Mostly old souls see things that matter to them, not to other persons. Even if they would tell it to somebody else, they probably would not understand cause the thing they saw is probably meant for them. This future seeing may come in very different ways, a feeling, a dream (there are 2 different dreams: abstract and direct. In abstract they see things that need a little bit translating, in direct way they see the way it happens, 100% accurately and usually through they own eyes. There can be mixes too but its probably rare thing) or so called vision (this one comes when awake and flashes images through your eyes, these ones are direct too).

/Sensing things/. This one is most widely usable. You can sense from person diseases to, for example, history of objects and various energy patterns. There are too much details in this ability to go through all of it. Basically, the info old soul gets from a person or object can be as a feeling, some sort of visual noise or clear pictures. This ability is the one that needs most concentration, purity of thoughts, knowing the path they are on and good intentions.

/Energy channeling/. This one needs a lot of concentration too. There are a lot of types of energies and a lot of things old soul needs to know before giving, getting or channeling energy. Without knowing, he/she can do more harm than good. This ability is quite dangerous if you don't know what you do, because, it affects directly others (not like sensing things and so on).

/Lucid dreaming/. Whether person is a stalker or a dreamer he/she will probably develop some level of it at the end of life. This ability is actually used by everybody, even young souls, the difference is mastering it. This ability is probably the most powerful one, and of course the most dangerous. At the latest stages of it, its not even life or death situation. Persons soul (so called) may never born again and be trapped forever. But with lucid dreaming person can actually go or do anything they want and even walk among people who are awake (and all the people see that person). Only limitation is your imagination and amount of energy that is reserved for it.

/Knowledge about past lives/. This is what it sounds like, it may be as a feeling, dream or anything in between. But what is constantly known by old soul is the feeling of experience of past lives. Sensing approximately how old is he/she (soul). Common feeling for old souls is, when in crowd, they feel like in a crowd of children. To them, their current life age is probably less important than their soul age. And this feeling dominates most of the time.

/Personal force/. This i something that is hard to explain. People may call it luck or something like that. Its something that don't let bad things, that are not meant to happen, come to life. People with a lot of personal force never get killed by accidents, sometimes its like world is making the means available for that person to do what is important. It also gives courage to do what is necessary in a time of emergency. They also don't get affected that much by bad energy and stuff like that. Personal force is one of the only energy/forces that cant be affected by other energy.

/Communication with forces/. There are different kind of forces everywhere and older souls can sense them or communicate with them quite easily, of course, when the force cooperates. Nothing more to say.

/Accessing information/ is quite useful too. Every though and action of every person or force is saved and can be accessed anytime. Of course, like every other more important abilities, this one need purity of thoughts and everything related to that. With this, old soul can know everything he/she wants.

Density of these abilities vary on souls, some can do more some ability but have weaker sense of other abilities. The most important thing about using abilities are understanding it. You cant use ability when you don't understand it, same as a baby cant use a computer.

What i have noticed is that old soul share similar sense of humor too :)

Does these abilities are only related to souls age?

No, the truth is, actually young soul can have these abilities too and even stronger ones than old soul... this only happens when young soul is taught by old soul who has deep knowledge of the world and its rules, a true human, so to speak.

Difference is that older souls develop these abilities even when they don't have a clue about souls, the older they get in this life the more their body is adjusted to this world and soul and the stronger the abilities get.

Young souls don't develop these by themselves, they need a good environment or a teacher. Since younger souls are more acceptable to new settings, the are more vulnerable to corruption. That seems to be the common path for young souls right now. Since the world right now is built up to corrupt then few young souls escape it.

How to know others soul age?

Its often true that people can sense others soul age only when their soul ages are similar or older than the other person. So, young souls cant sense how old is a soul older than them. They probably sense that that soul is old but can sense nothing more. Of course there are exceptions, like i said before, young souls can be taught... if they are wise enough they probably can sense older souls too. But that depends strongly about that old soul, how much does it have defenses and does it let you sense it.

Common misconceptions.

I have heard quite a lot that being old soul is confused with people who grow up too fast or have other similar related preferences... that doesn't mean that they are old souls.

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"Since younger souls are more acceptable to new settings, the are more vulnerable to corruption. That seems to be the common path for young souls right now. Since the world right now is built up to corrupt then few young souls escape it."
True that! But those words remind me of a song I love, called "New Soul", interestingly enough...

"I'm a new soul
I came to this strange world
Hoping I could learn a bit 'bout how to give and take
But since I came here, felt the joy and the fear
Finding myself making every possible mistake".

I think this is probably how some folks, who have a feeling that they're new, feel this way.

I would like to tell the story of a Lonely Idealist. He had quite tried all along his life to please the well-being of everyone around him without even trying to ask ever back.

One night He had the first experience with Our Father of all. That night He was down emotionally and his vessel was quite.

He spoke to our Father and left Earth for an amazing journey to Heaven. He sat up on a hill and YHWH spoke back.

Our Father said to him neither to sit Lonely on the hill nor to stay in Heaven. He then came back to his vessel left soulless and was guided by a will over anything to take over the world. By hope it’s all positively thought right.

Question. Can an old soul be used up so many times that it has formed good adaptability but still long for it's original or greatest past.

Wow! This is an amazingly accurate desc<x>ription! I am almost 31 and have realized that I am an old soul just recently. I have never before read a desc<x>ription of myself that is so fitting! Your desc<x>ription of personal force was something I always felt but have never expressed and have never come across before. I would love to hear other information or insights you have about this topic.

My mother told me I was an old soul, but I had no idea what she meant.<br />
She told me I used to tell her about my "other moms" when I was younger. And I told her she was my favorite. I used to say I wanted to go home when we were at home. I also never cried when I was a baby. Lately I've been noticing scars on my body... I have no idea where they came from. I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but it's a chilling thought.<br />
I've had dreams about occurrences just days, or even hours before they happened. When I meet someone I always can feel if they'll be an important part of my life or not. I have an intense concern for other people. I feel a lot wiser than most, even when they're older than me and it seems as though they've been through more. I can relate to anyone's problem, whether or not I've experienced it or not. and I've always been so sure of myself. <br />
I definitely want to read more into this. Thanks for the information! :]

I read this book called "I am Memory", and in it, there is a man who has been reincarnated many times through hundreds of years, and he's been sort of following this other soul of a girl he accidentally killed in his first lifetime. Anyway, in his most recent incarnation, he is a young man, a soldier in the War to End Wars, and SHE is his nurse. He knows who she is, though she doesn't have memories like he does. But her present incarnation believes him when he tells her that she has a certain birthmark that looks like a scar. He tells her that sometimes our "birthmarks" are actually scars from previous lifetimes. Just thought I'd share this.

i feel a lot like what you described Dee1978..<br />
my mom always says im act like i knew everything.. and i still dont get how they act stupid sometimes.. life is tough for old souls i think.

I am an old soul. Often feel frustrated as to why people behave the way they do, especially when they treat others badly, even though I understand what may have upset or offended them in the first place. Its strange, somehow I feel that many people, whether they are older than me in age or not are 'immature' and find it difficult to explain what it is that I sense about them without appearing like I think I am better than them....far from it. As I get older, I find it more difficult to feel as though I am a part of the world as it is today, in terms of my attitude toward life and people.

I enjoyed reading this chain, I am interested in the idea of there being old souls and young souls and I think it certainly could explain peoples behaviours.<br />
<br />
I have another idea to add the to the debate, you say that there are lots of young souls now because the population has grown so much. Well what if one soul can live more than one life at the same time. Like 2 people could have the same soul, they could even interact with each other and not know that they are the same soul. I know that its sounds impossible but when talking about souls nothing is provable so therefore anything could be possible. I imagine this to work as follows, the souls feels like it is living each life seperately, like it lives one life at a time even though they are happening at the same time. Time is supposed to be illusion after all. Maybe old souls can live more than one life at a time.<br />
<br />
Do you think that old souls have a more spiritual purpose?<br />
<br />
I don't know if you are familiar with the Ra material the law of one. From reading that I came across an interesting idea regarding the incarnations of souls, that at some point the soul becomes conscious and at that stage the soul will choose the life it lives. Before the soul is consciuos when it is still young, reincarnation happens randomly. The soul becomes conscious through the process of living and then everything changes, at that stage the human / soul will search for more than than what is available within the parameters of the human body. Ra also said that ultimately there is only one source of everything for which we are all part, seperateness is an illusion, there are 7 stages that soul goes, in the first stage is the elements wind, fire etc, then stage 2 would be trees and plants, stage 3 is us humans. During each dimension the soul evolves and becomes more and more consciuos it self, when it has reached the peak of one dimensions its moves onto the next. During stage 4, 5, 6 the soul begins to realise its unity with the original source and at stage 7 the soul loses all seperateness and blends in with the source which brings it back to stage 1. Everything is continous cycle.

WalkingShade, what you are describing seems like clairsentince. For each person clairsentince sensory is developed differently. It can range from sensing other's aches and pains (empathy), sensitivity to spirits, ghosts, entities, a change of energy patterns (weather universal energies or the immediate area around you), or feeling events of the future. I think feeling vibes from environment and ob<x>jects go in this category as well.

Yeah, you feel it right!! We are on a major change in peoples view of the world. A lot of lives will be lost though... its sad but there is nothing else people can do than find their spiritual side and make it as base of their strength. To find shelter from nature is the only way to be really happy on coming years.

Thank you all for your comments and support :)

Another bit of information that I would add here in which I have observed from several Old Souls, are the two arms. I believe these two arms are a strong sense of "understanding" and "Compassion." <br />
Of course these are main goals of many spiritual individuals regardless of soul age. :)<br />
<br />
"If I remember correctly there are 5 levels of Soul Age: "<br />
That is interesting. I was wondering about levels of age groups for soul. <br />
<br />
The reason I feel I am not an Old Soul is because my understanding of humans is lacking. Its frustrating, I need to work on this.<br />
<br />
"Not too long ago I gotten my Akashic record read to me and found something interesting =)<br />
But yeah I needed for him to confirm to me that it's true"<br />
<br />
You ARE a spiritual monk! Past life and now, weather you like it or not! :-P Maybe you were an enlighten one before???

This is all very interesting and informative, especially for those of us who don't know much about the subject. Thanks for sharing! :)

U post a very long message. I guess must people think that is crazy. I dont know how old iam. I always think that im old. Life is just like a dream life or death its just like that. Fears get us in more trouble and make us loose r minds. We always waiting 2 change everything and stop learning or other call it living. That when our fears become us.

great FAQ :)

All you Old Souls are awesome.<br />
<br />
I am not an Old Soul, but it appears you covered every aspect VERY well! This helps to understand Old Souls very well.<br />
<br />
One day playing around with thoughts, I have developed a second theory on Old Souls. If you adopt the theories of different spiritual mindsets, the idea of the "Old Soul" is what is viewed by the Buddhist as the "enlightened ones." But they believe that once you escape saṃsāra, you have two options, 1; Nirvana, 2; Reincarnate back into another live and help others seek their enlightenment. However, if you reincarnate back to live again, wouldn't you have to start over again, such as forgetting the past, and the limitations of the mortal body? This is just food for thought. How would some individuals have an amazing sense of understanding of everything over many other individuals?