I Have Always Felt Wise Beyond My Years

Since I was little I have been extremely smart and gifted, but I have also been unusually interested in occult, death, spirituality. I also used to have conversations about my deceased great-great grandmother with my other family members, what she looks like, what she talked about...and she had been gone long before I was born, of course. 

I've always wondered if I am an old soul, and have something different about me. I have always been quite intuitive and I strongly believe in tarot, fortune telling, spirits, and what lies beyond. I know not everyone is like this, and sometimes I wonder why I just happened to be.

Lots of people have discussed having a possible past life, but I don't know. Is it really possible? I am extremely poetic and was always drawn to melancholy and sadness from a very young age, and I am connected to the confessional poetry era (like 1940s--1960s, around). I'll always wonder if I lived a past life then...
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I can relate to your comments, about some thing being different about me. The best way for me to ex plane is the fact that ever since being a child i have all ways felt as though i did not really belong here, a kind of Home sick feeling even when i am at home. All so an obsession with questioning my own existence, i dont know why but since childhood i have a recurring nightmare about being a prisoner of war in a prison camp and some times taken away to be executed. All most every morning when i awake i have a strange feeling as though my sprite has left my body and for a couple of seconds it is struggling to get back. So far for me the best answer i have been given is that i am not a human being having a spiritual experience, ( i am a sprite having a human experience )

As a scientist I think anything is possible. I wanted to share a story with you. Before that, my wife is definately what we term an 'old soul'. I feel that I am myself, but not as old as she, and so I choose to see of this as a spectrum of, call it, maturity of spirit. Years ago I taught a young girl in Kazakhstan. She most definately stood out as being very calm, artistic, in control - wise. Once she blew me away by saying that 'many of us old souls have returned to Earth at this time because there are so many problems'. She would be far to the extreme on my spectrum. I wanted you to know that there are many people who can empathise with your thinking - I wish you well.