I'm An Old Fart! Lol

Okay so all my life, since I was very young I can remember feeling as though I never truly fit in. Like I was older than my peers. Often times (even to this day) people come to me with advice, and for some odd reason its as though I already have the answer for them. Not saying I know everything, but Its just as if the answers are inside of me. And usually, when my advice is followed, it works out for those who sought it. I always felt that there was more to me, but recently all the meditation and spiritual work I did only gave me inches of the information I really needed. My intuition told me to ask for a spiritual reading from that of a trusted friend. I didn't know that the reading she was going to give me would literally change my outlook on myself and my life, and be as mind blowing as it was. Upon starting the reading she already got a vast amount of lives I had lived, saying my soul had been all over the place. But as she dug deeper she gasped as she found that my soul...was older than I had expected. She said it was dated back to the time when humanity first began. That a bright light enveloped me...and that she believed me to be a star seed. If you don't know what those are I recommend this video below, because its just too much to get into. But overall, It made so much sense to me, because all my life I felt as though I did not necessarily belong in this lifetime but that I was here for a reason. And now I understand, and its all because of my good friend April that I've been enlightened and now understand what I am here to do. Love you all! Blessed be

Heres the link to the Star Seed video for those interested: http://youtu.be/FNqzPf3pBjc
Guinevere5290 Guinevere5290
18-21, F
Feb 4, 2012