An Old Spirit

An old spirit,
That's me,
Travelled far,
Life's journey,
One big adventure,
Must keep movin',
Plenty more to see and do,
Before I'm done,
And asked to move on.
startinover1 startinover1
1 Response Apr 3, 2012

I will start by saying when was born dead! For some reason I was given life! I was supposed to be brain dead or have brain damage, but none! I am healthy! I have always been fascinated with the supernatural realm! I have always felt special but can't put my hand on this! I am been told I was a young old man! I have always been knowlegable of things that only older people would have known through a long life experience! How do I figure out if I have any special powers or abilities? I was spared for a reason! I hope it was for good and not evil! I am intrigued with the dark side!

So am I, but only as an interest, not action.