Always Known

I have always known that this was not "my first rodeo". I was very confused as a child that others did not feel this way. When I tried to talk to my brother about reincarnation he scolded me that "Christians do not believe in reincarnation." Well, I am a Christian and I believe. When Christ asked the apostles "Who do men say that I am?" they responded Elijah or one of the prophets. Jesus did not reprimand them , since all of these people were dead, but merely asked "Who do you say that I am".  No, it certainly does not prove anything, but it leaves a door open. I believe there are many things, mysteries if you will, that God has not shared fully with us.

Then a year ago, I was done with the whole man/woman relationship-thing. Not interesed, not looking. Then I walked into a room to wait with my daughter for some friends. I noticed a gentleman standing alone, looking over the few souls there. My first thought was, "there he is." My second thought was "there WHO is?" My daughter had known him for years and introduced us. We have been together since. A few weeks into the relationship, he asked if I knew that we had been together in a past life, maybe many past lives. We have spent many hours "remembering". Of course, again there is no proof, just a quiet sense of belonging and "rightness". We decided to marry, and began looking for rings on the internet. we knew we wanted something to symbolize our Celtic lives that are the strongest shared memory. We looked at thousands of rings, together and separately. I marked a few hundred that I thought we might like. There was one in rose gold, with the triangle knot and thistles on it. I was in love with that ring. The nest day he was over and began looking at rings. I left the house to pick up my daughter. When I returned he told me he had found our rings. There on the screen was 'my ring.' This type of thing happens so much to us, that we kinda expect it.

Anyway, a long story to let you know that I, too, believe I am an Old Spirit. Remind me sometimes to tell you about a couple of the kids.


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2 Responses May 24, 2008

We are new to EP but I can see so many parallels between our experiences and yours - even down to the rings. We met, married, and got pregnant within a month. The night we met my wife announced to a friend that she had just met the man she was going to marry. She designed her ideal engagement ring and, when we walked into a small jewelers, it was there. The same gypsy visited us both just before we met and told us the same story (which has come true). There is definately something in this - but I can't fathom what this is.

i really think the bible and christian beliefs are quite open to the truths of existance like reincarnation, but those choosing what is docterine never want to admit it