Its Weird That . . .

I'm not like most kids my age. most of the time they'll tell me "You don't know how to have fun."
when actually, i don't find much of the activities that they do "fun". I only enjoy the typical things like talking to people & shopping . NOT a game of ding dong ditch, truth or dare, or hide and seek. Sometimes i tell my friends stuff that older people would usually tell them, such as "Stop getting in trouble, your giving your mother a headache" . Then they would just laugh again and say "Stop sounding like an old lady" . When they ignore me, i get frustrated and think to myself "They don't know the trouble that they're getting into."

Sometimes i feel like im a 40 year old in a 14 year old's body. I get so angry because my friends just ignore me & laugh when i TRY to tell them something sensible . Then they come back to me when they get hurt and say "You know what? You were right about (insert situation here) "
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yes i agree i feel the same its ok

I'm a girl like you, too. Sometimes I really can't understand why those children and teenagers do so and it really irritate me a lot.

Hold on to all these thoughts. You are smarter than your years. I too grew up sensible. I would never follow the crowds I hung with. If I felt they were going to do something I would fear getting in trouble, I would make an excuse to get out of it.
Didn't even care for popularity.
I am a loner. I prefer it this way.