Old Spirit,.,

I have been told by many pyscics, medeums, palm readers, and more... that im an old spirit, and that, soon i will be on my last life,., and that i have suffered alot in all my past lifes but i always learnt my lessons in all of them,., I hope in this life i do to.

love and light Phoenix xx

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Is there a way to find out about past lives though the internet? (vs seeing a specialist in person) I feel that I may be 'old' as well.

my mother has always told me i was a ruler in a past life she is a hands on healer and clairvoyant and i sense that its true i seem to think my way is rite no matter what or maybey that is the human condition

i have also been told this but i may not learn in a sense ii have been told that if i dont change i will die lonley again so im on a path to finding whatto change which is hard when i dont know of the past mistakes i had made

Firebird.. I found the definitions of the aura's but I did mention in one of my messages I do not have a freakin clue what mine is!! If anyone can read them let me know, I would like to know mine as well!! LOL

hi, cindy,.<br />
thanks for writing all of that about auras, no one has written an exp about it yey, you should, <br />
by the way as you [I think] already know., my aura Is the color white. you never told me yours., love and light xxx

Your right on the money leodav! What is really enlightening is when we are able to see a hypnotherapist who can pull these experiences out, really blows the mind. there is a book from Michael Newton PH.D who writes many books, this one I have is called Destiny Of Souls, he writes about 67 people just like you and me who recall their past life between lives through spiritual hypnotherapy, really educational reading!! I recomend it!!! <br />
Thanks for sharing leodav

Here are a few definitions of the colors or Aura's:<br />
There are about 20 basic aura colors. Once you are familiar with the basic colors, you will be able to use your intuition and know what other colors such as grape, zink or dusty pink mean to you.<br />
<br />
White<br />
<br />
White in a Aura is considered to be one of the highest colors. Symbolizing the divine light, it means purity, compassion and wisdom. The wisdom offered to humanity by the "higher forces" is represented in the white, the divine light. Many spiritual people have a lot of white within their aura. Pearl white represents compassion, kindness and forgiving quality. Crystal white represents a soul who is close to the completion of their soul journey. A yellowish white represents a determined soul who is trying to learn his/her lessons quickly. The color white in which ever shade always represents wisdom, the search for wisdom and humanity.<br />
<br />
Gold<br />
<br />
Gold is the color of wisdom learned here on earth, confidence, courage and strength. Gold is also a protective color, having very strong protective energy. If someone is about to embark on the experience of Astral Travel they may envision themselves covered in a gold light as a way of protection. Gold within our aura represents our will, our determination to seek the positive side of life. Someone with a lot of gold in their aura knows who they are and what they seek out of life. Gold is an empowering color, giving us the power to cut loose of any negativity we may have around us. Gold is a healing energy helping cure illness if used in a proper way. While gold is strong, it is so strong that acquiring gold in ones aura takes a long time allowing the person to adjust to the strong energy.<br />
<br />
Silver<br />
<br />
Silver is the color of spiritual intelligence. In an aura silver shows someone who is spiritually aware with keen powers of perception. This is someone who can stand his/her own ground and will not allow anyone to influence him/her. Someone's who psychic abilities are developed may have a lot of silver within their aura, connecting to the "spiritual realm" is a part of the silver energy Silver is the energy of peace and persistence. While not the primary healing color, silver can also be considered a healing energy. It can be used to remove unwanted diseases from the body.<br />
<br />
Pink<br />
<br />
Pink is the color of love and romance. Pink is a universal color expressing joy, compassion, human love and abundance. Pure Spiritual love is found within a deep rose pink shade. This pink is devoid of any negative human emotions such as jealousy. A crimson pink shows a person with a calm and loving nature. A pearl luster pink shows a deep religious person or someone pure love for God/Goddess. Pale pink is often associated with true love. Salmon Pink often represents people who are happy in their career.<br />
<br />
Red<br />
<br />
Red is the color of energy, vitality and power. Red also represents righteousness. Red is the passion that is within us all. People with red in their aura are able to connect and communicate with others easily. They are strong, sometimes stubborn and are not defeated easily. They may also be a bit on the competitive side. Red is a powerful healing energy for diseases of the blood and circulation. Someone with high blood pressure should not use red as a healing tool. Being a life energy it can also help with depression. The downside to red is it can bring agitation. Wearing red to often or being around the color red can make us irritated.<br />
<br />
Ruby Red signifies endurance, physical strength.<br />
Rose Red signifies an active love.<br />
Clear Red signifies loyalty and faithfulness.<br />
Red-Purple signifies individual effort.<br />
<br />
There are many colors but I did not want to have this message a mile long. Hope this helps.. CindySue (Mystic)

You are on your last life dear one... you may find many challenges in this one just because they tend to surface all over through your life when you are on your last one, just go by how you feel because you have mastered them already in the past.