Born Feb. 20, 1953

I was born on the Aquarius/ Pisces cusp, for those that follow Astrology. Crossdressing came from within me; no one showed me or abused me. I was between 5 and 7 years old. Never liked fist fights, sports or gym… never was any good at any of them. Though my father forced me to fight a bully from up the street, we both did the same amount of damage so I guess I could fight if I had to. My first remembrance was wearing my mother’s wedding gown; to this day I still love that style. Probably why I like and own renaissance gowns that I wear on our property. I also fell in love with my mother’s friends thick fur coat that she left with her as a “security deposit” when borrowing money from my mother. You haven’t lived till you’ve been smothered in a thick fox fur. Nowadays, they are next to impossible to find as for the way the fur industry has declined due to animal cruelty.


I’ve been closeted all my life; I was just starting to break out of the closet a bit when I FINALLY met my soul-mate/wife. She loves me for who I am, I told here on the second date she was OK with it, but a bit worried about seeing me dressed. That took a few more dates. She told me afterwards she was a bit afraid I may look better than her (LOL), and was afraid that my second self might be Sybil-ish. She saw that I was the same person, just a lot more at ease. Now she loves when her girl friend “Amy” visits. We go on rides, picnics and mini vacations together, where I feel safe or can scramble past the hotel manager without being seen.


We both joined the local chapter of Tri-Ess, and this really helped me. I was at easy dressed and talking with others dressed. I don’t believe I need the “support” as much as help coming out… walking in public amongst the people. I added a credit card to my existing credit card in Amy’s name and order on line the things I want, a delivery of 2 beautiful wigs came today. My wife is constantly buying Amy gifts. Yesterday she got Amy a beautiful Pagan top and skirt & a pair of knee high black boots. She actually walked in and FOUND a size 13w women’s boot at Payless. I put her finds on then my new wig and the total style looks great.


I hope this group can bring us “older” crossdressers together.


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Thank you for the "visit" and response!
I have found this place a little slow, and haven't been visiting as much as I should.
I'd love to be your Friend, Louise.
Your "newest Friend"

Thanks for sharing you feelings and emotions.I have an equally supportive wife.She takes my pics and does most of my shopping.We are sould mates and she loves both my souls.....
Please be my friend?
Louise CD

Born a few days before you and a couple years later. I too began wearing my moms and sisters clothes at a young age. It must have came from within we sure didn't see it on TV. I'm slowly coming out to my wife and she loves the gentle feminine side of me. Wearing panties is a constant reminder for me to enjoy and embrace. Thanks for your story.

Hello Minerbill,
Haven’t been visiting for some time, sorry for my delay in answering your response!
Thank you for your visit & comment! It’s great to hear from others of my "vintage".

Great to see you coming into your own with a supportive spouse! Thanks for sharing! I added you to my circle hope you accept

Great story...loved it...very luck to find an understanding spouse. Mine knows, does not like it no way shape or form, as a matter of fact she wishes I would's not that I can't stop, I just don't want to stop. Thank you for posting your story.

You birthdate, (mine is end of Feb.) gives me a clue to why I love to dress in bras and panties. I'm still in the closet at 83 y/o. Prostate cancer treatment has shrunk my penis to a clitoris and my brests develop to full perky B cups with big nipples. I like to take pics of me with my new figure in my lacy underwire and smooth panties.

Wonderful article, thank you for sharing.

Amy- Love your story, your background isn't all that different from mine. It appears that our values are similar also. I do envy the fact that your wife not only knows but is supportive of your dressing. I'm closeted and the wife doesn't know which presents some problems. I deal with it.<br />
Tri-Ess sounds like it would be helpfull. Others have recommended that group to me but there isn't one in my area. Actually there doesn't seem to be any sort of a support group here.<br />
Enjoyed your story, you should write more.<br />
Love, Deven