Having been born transgender during a time when gender stereotypes were extremely prevalent, my story is probably similar to my sisters here. Like most of you there was a tangible feeling that presided over my life, that I was not what everyone told me I was. Deep inside there has always lived a girl/woman. Early adolescence had me innocently asking for sparkly things, dolls, and beauty days, like mom. Those teen years were the years I learned to sneer and hide. My adult years were filled with denial conformity and the heartbreak of divorce. It was only after the light of independence finally shone that I took to really following the brightness of who I had been born. I walked towards srs and found that didn't fit as I felt motherly and protective of my two sons. I tried many various sexuality tests, discover the good and bad of each. I partied with the girls and dated ggs in hopes of finding true love, there were a few. At last I've entered into that time in life where nothing should matter but joy and happiness it just about there as I have a wonderful partner and my health ( though my looks aren't standing the test of time). If I can give anything to any one it would be "life is yours to be lived, make the very best of who or what you have."
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It is hard to face the world as who we feel we are but when we find someone who loves and accepts us as we are at least there we can find peace in life and be the very best of of ourselves.. Life is to short, and we must make the best of it!

I agree! We also must push our own boundaries to be total! Life is nothing more then what you make it! And incrementalism works!

What a wonderful sentiment! Being happy with oneself allows one to put the first foot forward.

Wonderful advice sweetie, I am embracing it myself and have never been happier

Thanks Pink, Being out and about in the world when ever I want (as a woman) I have found that most people treat you how you treat yourself. Being confident and self assured allows people to take you seriously.

I agree, I still shop in the same stores he used to and have found acceptance everywhere, I have been living as a woman full time for more than three months and really enjoying life at last. I have even started coming out to some family members.

Congratulations on your transition, I hope the road ahead is filled with love and adventure. I got much approval when I was going to go through it, and some disappointment when I found it out it wasn't a trip I wanted to take. But have not lost anyone in my life that wasn't worth having in my life.

Wonderful, the only ones that really matter are my two children, My daughter admits it will be difficult to accept Teri at first but promises to support me, I had to tell my son in an e-mail and haven't heard from him yet.

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You are so blessed in finding a supportive partner and you are giving us a glimmer of hope that we too may still find that joy you have found. Keep, keeping us up to date what life like yours can be.

We can at least vicariously live through yours..Thanks for sharing...Angie..;-)

I'm not sure of your own life situations, but very often we do get things we desire when we are willing to give to others what they desire. I think it's important to be as honest and live with as much integrity as you can. This is what I did and My life unfolded close to what I wanted.

Maybe when I get my financial issues secure. I will be the Mistress of my universe...;-)
Without secure income. Not even living in the closet is possible.

I am a little older than you but my story is almost the same as yours. The joy and happiness that you talk about is long over due and welcomed at this time of our lives. Like you say "life is yours to be lived, make the best of who or what you have".