Growing up it was hard it was just me and my mother. My mother didnt finish school so we didnt have alot of money. I was always lonely and wished i had another sibling. I would even lie and say that i had another sibling but i didnt. When i look at other people who have older sisters or siblings some are bestfriends and some arent but i would be jealous. In my opinion i think its good if a child has another sibling with a single mother so they can all support eachother. At home i was very lonely and didnt know how to entertain myself and still barely know how to this day......

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most of the time im glad i dont have any siblings, but i do get lonely somtimes. me and my mam are nothing alike, and mostly im by myself at home. its sad not having any one to relate to in my family, but luckily i have a great friend who is practicly my sister. :)

Oh honey, this could've been written by me. I, too was raised by a single parent. Have always wished for a sibling or two to share the heartache, fears, good & bad times...just all of it. Luckily, I have very dear friends that have always been more like family than friends...but still a sibling would've been nice. This someone very much understands. Best wishes. :)

I know what you mean. Same story....<br />
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