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I need some advice I have some one that owes me around £1,500, it is a freind who is no longer a freind because he said he will never pay me back, how can I get my money back any advice from anyone would be welcome.
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in the states we have a thing called small claims court..and we would file suit to get the money back..i don't know if you have that type of thing in the UK..but if you do have that possibility..i would pursue it.<br />
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.In the use that do not use a simply prepare your own case...and through the legal system you subpoena the person.. Actually, what happens in the states, is law enforcement..presents the subpoena to the must be handed to him directly..this way there is no possibility to claim that you were unaware.and he must show up in court..or now he is in trouble with the legal system..and you both present your case before the judge..The judge decides..what is owed ..and a system of payment can be set up..and usually the person loosing the case..pays court fees also..and so..find out if this system exists where you live..

Thank you thats some good advice im looking to that right now would be a good way to sort it out

Can I ask how he's in debt to you? Is it illegal? and how big and hard is your ex-friend? I will then give you some advice....

Yes it is illegal, he's is not big but he is a bit mad he would not think twice to reach for a wepon and is a good fighter

Is that a lot of money? I'm not sure on the exchange rate..but I assume it is,most likely your money is gone and you wont see it again unless you treat him like a bookie and start breaking bones until he pays you the money he owes. Around here if you didn't pay someone back and flat out told that person to ****** off you would catch a *** beating ever time you left the house until you either payed back the money or moved.

Do you have any leverage? Anything that belongs to him or secrets of his? That's a lot of money...blackmail may be in order.

Thats a good idea. I need too have a think about that but that could be a good option