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I was an only child.I guess I still am,It started off when my mom became pregnant,my dad decided to go start another family across town,so I never really knew him,never have even seen him,that I know of.So anyway,mom remarried,to an *******,whom she later seperated from,for very good reasons,but still never had any other carried on,I moved out on my own.In recent years,she battled cancer,the first time,she beat it,the second time,2 weeks ago,she lost.Iwas with her,those last 2 weeks,night and day,in the icu,hoping and praying she'd come home.Our families not too big,and not too overly compassionate either,so I spent most of that time with her alone.It was hard,thinking many times,I wish I had a brother or sister to help share this task,but I didn't.She hadn't really prepared her funeral or anything for that matter,so,I had to take care of all of that too.Fortunately,I have a girlfriend who has been very helpful threw this,I reccomend to all of you,be prepared for this event,it is not easy.I know we all grow to be stronger than most just out of circumstance,but if you're like me,she was all I really had in the way of family,the rest I don't necessarily count.If I hadn't had my girlfriend,I don't know if I coulda made it threw this.And of course,I'm not threw this at all yet.I'm still waiting on death certs.,trying to get her will and things threw probate,401k taken care,she lived alone too,so I have to go threw her house and all her stuff to organize it for sale or to give it away,it's unbelievably difficult.anyway,any help or suggestions on any of this would be appreciated,thanks
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I am sorry you have to go through this. You are lucky your girlfriend is there for you. You should read books on coping with a loss of a loved one. All I can give is a site with tips on coping with a loss:<br />
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