I Am And I'm Not

Ok, Ok, let me explain - I was brought up an only child till my 1/2 brother turned up on our families door step when I was 23..... I loved being an only child, and I freely admit I was spoiled, though I have to clarify that whilst I was spoilt with time, I was never spoiled with material things..... I remember, growing up, my parents were always there for me, were the ones, even being older, who would do things with me and my friends, would take me sledging, go to the theme parks and the go on the rides with me, and I loved it.... but now, now, I get to be a little sister, to experience the type of sibling relationship that means that I will always have someone in my life that has a history to share with me - ok, i recognise that we have divergent histories, but maybe that makes things better -  we have come together as adults, can bring different  things to the relationship and have the ability to grow as we get older - we have different memories of our father that allows me to see him in a different light, and it has given my brother the chance to reconnect with dad in a way he didn't think he would be able to - sadly we lost our father 10 months after my brother turned up - but our relationship has continued to grow and I am pleased to say that whilst I enjoyed being an only child, i love being a little sister
lostlittlefirefly lostlittlefirefly
41-45, F
May 16, 2012