The Good And Bad Of It.

The good of it was getting all the resources my folks had available to spend on their children ( me ). That meant I wanted for nothing material. In fact, I got things I didn't want just because they, ( my parents ) could afford it. I wanted to have things that other kids had like a Western Flyer sled, an Elgine bicycle and an Eisenhower jacket. Instead I got the much more expensive version sled which was so heavy that I had to have help getting to the top of the hill. My bike was a Silver King, which was a totally chromed bike which cost 25% more than an Elgin. The jacket I got was a fur lined jacket with a hood. So, instead of fitting in with the rest of the kids, I stood out as a " rich kid ". But, it was good to get vertually anything I wanted without even having to ask for it. The bad part was the lonelyness from not having a sibling. I " officially " adopted my dog as my brother. As a result of being an only child, I had a hard time understanding the concept of sharing with others. I also had an opinion of my self worth that was at odds with reality. It did help me accomplish things that many others wouldn't take on because I had high esteem for my capabilities. In other words, I was used to getting what I wanted.It also meant there was no one to argue with when it came time for the inheritance of my parents. But, while there were many advantages to being the only child, I would strongly advocate for a multi-child family setting. It was a lonely childhood and is an equally lonely old age with no siblings to share it with.
zbignue zbignue
70+, M
May 25, 2012