Only Child W/no Family

I am an adult only in my 30's. I too have heard about how lucky I am to not have any siblings, yet half the people that say that quickly have those siblings to turn to when a crisis occurs.
I'm also a single parent to an only child, I never meant for my daughter to be alone, I am now frantic about how I will make it up to her, I would love to adopt another child, but don't have the financial resources.

Anyways, I do not walk around in a sad dark cloud because I wish I had siblings, I just wish I could find more people that could relate while trying to build a happy, productive life.
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Hey, I'm an only too. Read some of my previous posts :)

I'm an only, and not in contact with my parents, so I understand the loneliness. For now I'm focusing on building a "family" of friends.

Hi Plaid, That's my intention too (building a family of friends) but it's easier said than done, I also have moved around a bit, so I hope to become more stable in an area, I think that will help;-)