Still A Lonely Only At 23

I am an only child and for the most part I have found it a very lonely experience. I am 23 now and my parents have always been older and more unconventional than the parents of my friends and classmates. My father lived a state away and my mother worked late. My parents are the only relatives I've ever known. My parents were strict and because they were intent on me never becoming a spoiled only they made absolutely sure I worked for everything I got.
Being an only child has had it's ups; for instance I think because I spent so much time alone I learned how to entertain myself using my imagination. I also value close and true friendship as a central component of my life.
However, the older I've gotten the more challenging it has become for me to accept that I will never know what it's like to have a sibling. I have many friends, a fiance, and am heading in a great direction in life, but I can't seem to stifle the deep feeling of being alone. I often seek out "sister or brother figures," as I have seen a few people explain on here. But everyone seems to be so busy with their families. Can anyone relate?
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2 Responses Nov 30, 2012

I could've written this, especially the bits about the brother/sister figures. Read some of my stuff that I've posted in this group before and you'll see what I mean!!

My daughter also 23 has been an only child and this year her frustration and loneliness came to surface, i am so sad for her, "EVERYONE has a brother or a sister" she told me and my heart broke that i didn't have that for her.