Do You Imaginine What Its Like To Have Brothers Or Sisters?

I am an only child... with a difficult family life.... I was just wondering, is there any only children out there that find it necessary to imagine what its like to have brothers or sisters in order to function in the world... maybe you just imagine what its like to have brothers or sisters, or you imagine what its like if some of your friends or the people you know or used to know were your brothers or sisters, or maybe you imagine that your brothers or sisters exist but don't want to talk to you anymore or are over seas doing service and you can't communicate.

None the less my question is, do any of you find the above to be something necessary to do in order to function in the world?
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Yes, in differing ways at different times in my life.
I wrote a post on here "An Open Letter to the Brother I Never Had" and i think that sums up how I've felt... but I've posted a few diff stories on here at various points in my Lonely Only Journey... feel free to have a read and see if you can relate but yeah you're definiately not alone!

I pretend to have a sibling so that maybe someone would understand me. I come from a rough family life too.

There were times when I imagined having a sister, but now its too painful. My best friend and his sister ruined it for me. He tells her everything and she supports him, advice's him, guides him...
He used to tell me about how rough his parents were and only his sister helped him through those times. He had everything I liked to have in his life, someone to show support, someone to be there for. What started as an awe for me soon became painful.
All I needed was someone to listen to me, to help me in my times but that was never a someone for me.

From what I see and heard, people's first opinion was, why doesn't he share this with a friend or someone - my diffficulties were made by a friend that I never again wanted a friend in my life. And seriously, do people really have friends who gives a sht about them

Thanks for reading