I Wasn't Supposed to Be An Only Child

My parents planned on having at least two or three kids when they got married. Things didn't work out and when they separated, one wanted to get back together and have more kids when the other didn't. They went back and forth for years. What resulted was me, an only child.

There's good and bad things about it. Most people with siblings told me I should be glad. But that was when we were kids. Now, they seem to like the support of other siblings and not having to shoulder the entire responsibility themselves. That part I wish was different. It's all on me.


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Hi Diana. Thanks for your comment and questions. <br />
I guess the first thing I should say is you're not alone. Lots of people wanted to have more than one child and there's some people out there who wanted to have just one and did. <br />
There are pros and cons to being an only child. When you're little it's not a big deal and all your friends will tell you "you're lucky." You don't have to share your toys, you're less likely to get in trouble for fighting and you have your parents' undivided attention. <br />
But you also have no one to play games with. I remember getting board games that looked like so much fun but had no one to play them with me. You develop a good imagination and a sense of independence that is unique to only children.<br />
It's when your child gets older that it will matter more. As you get older he will have no one to really help him shoulder the responsibility of your care. Which is not to make you feel bad, it's just easier when there are more people helping to do a job or jobs. If he marries, this will help and if he has children it's even better. <br />
But I hear it a lot about how people say they fought a lot with their siblings or sometimes wished they had been only children and later to really draw strength from those blood-ties as years pass. After you're gone, or anyone's parents are gone, you have someone that is family to you and can talk about the past with you.<br />
<br />
Hope this helps. :)