Being An Only Child Sucks

I am an only child and have always hated it. There is so much jealousy burning up inside me when ever even hear a person say "my brother" or "my sister." I really wish I had a brother or sister. In fact, when I was nine, I threw a penny in a fountain, and wished for a sister, needless to say, it did not come true. The other thing about it T hate is that i do not have a typical family. I just have parents, well I have a parent, because my father left when i was a kid (selfish bastard).  When I was in 7th grade a computer teacher had us draw pictures of our families, mine included only two people, and then she just had to ask me in front of the whole damn class "This supposed to be a picture of you and your mom, Elizabeth?" That really pissed me off. Plus, being an only child just makes me feel extra different, which ain't fun. If I had been able to choose some of the conditions of my life, I definitely would have chosen to have at least one sibling, a brother or a sister.
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I love this comment by Lastofmykind and agree with it 100%. I hope it helps you, too, Spice.

Am in exactly the same situation as you except I am younger than you, I also wish I had siblings and literally all my friends have a brother or a sister...they all keep on and on about how lucky I am to not have siblings but my mum is self employed so she doesn't stop working. I'm just left alone and it gets really lonely, when it gets really bad I basically just cry myself to sleep at night...probably shouldn't admit that but it really twists me up inside. Also being an only child even though a lot of stuff isn't my fault I get blamed for everything that goes even slightly wrong in my mum's life, she's always saying stuff like "Oh who else do I blame (in her mind she is perfection) teenagers are there to be blamed..." and so on and so forth. She blackmails me and controls my every move, no matter what I do I always do something wrong. So yeah am in total agreement with you being an only child sucks!

I'm an only child and I like it. Siblings are sometimes overrated. Lots of people dislike their siblings, don't talk to their siblings or are indifferent to their siblings. Maybe instead of worrying about having a sibling, why not focus on something that you can control, like having friends, cousins, children, and boyfriends. Besides, having friends and cousins are a lot like having siblings, just minus the annoyance, sibling rivalry, competitveness, resentment from parents favoring you, invading your space, telling/snitching on you, stealing/taking your things, or being forced to put up with them day end and day out.

I know exactly what you mean! I wasted 3 whole birthday wishes on a little sister! >.> Of course that didn't happen. I'm still not over it.

u r lucky ! not having a sibling is much better than having a sibling who is a bastard ! i would do anything for not having a sibling !

Having siblings isn't THAT great - well not for me at least.... I guess theres pro's and con's too both our situations!

Not having siblings doesn't make you different, I know several only children. Besides, just because you have a sibling doesn't mean you actually get along with them. Sometimes people just have to make up their family from people they meet throughout their life, and become close to, whether or not they are an only child. :-)