Some times it's good to be an only child but sometimes it sucks cause yes you won't have any siblings to bother you or hit you or kick you or punch you xD if your a only child you won't be bothered by your siblings at all you'll just be at home watching tv, playing on the wii,texting your friends,playing grand theft auto or left for dead 2, and your siblings won't bother you cause you ain't got any!!!!! Sometimes it sucks to be a only child cause you won't have anyone to talk to when your home alone you'll be lonely bored as poop xD yes I feel you!!! Sometimes you just wish you have a sibling cause maybe your friends have siblings and when you go to your friends house or something you see them having a good frickin time with each other you'll be like well that's great (sarcasm) and you would want a brother or a sister yes I know I know homie!!!! XD well that's all I got to say!!! Peace out unipotatos or UNIPONY!!!
vivian3172 vivian3172
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 18, 2014

LOL I hate being an only child cuz I have no one to split the chores with >.