I Always Wished I Had a Sister...

I always wished I had a sister...
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I have a wonderful friend of mine, who is like a sister to me and do you know what, she too is an only child and I have known her since sixth grade.

A friend of mine has four sisters who she is close to and when I told her how lonely I am (I have noone left) she said that life is so rich etc etc and I thought that if I had four sisters I was close to, I would agree with her!! On your own, it is hard to think of life as being rich.

I agree with you 110%! All I've ever wanted my entire life is the one thing I can never have...a brother or sister, but especially a sister. I've seen how people with sisters turn out, and they're a lot happier than I am. I'm envious of the close relationship they have. Sure, I can make friends, but that will never make up for the lack of siblings I have. I'm so envious of the people with two or three or even more sisters!


I have always wanted a sister (or a brother) as well. I have always felt so envious whenever anyone says 'my sister' or 'my brother.' People do often say that a friend can be like a sister, but in reality it is a completely different relationship. There is not the family tie/link present in even the best of friendships.

How about finding a good friend instead. That way, you get to choose the person you want in your life. I know several people who do not get along with their sister. Perhaps, if you had a sister, you wouldn't get along with her, either. She could be jealous of you, pick on you, or never hang out with you.<br />
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I think a better idea or wish would be joining the big sister/little sister club. You can have a sister that way. Or you could get a really good friend, which might be even better than a sister.