I Never Liked It..

As a kid I always begged for a brother or sister. I felt like I was missing out on something. My Mother was unable to have children, which was something I never understood when I was younger. I always wanted a little sister who had a name that matched mine.. like Tara & Sara or something like that. (My name is neither of those, but you know what I mean.) As I got older I didn't mind as much, I had my own space & time alone, which is very important to me. We had a relative move in who was 4 years older than me & then a friend of his moved in as well.. it was like having 2 brothers, they lived with us for 3 years. I don't hear much from them anymore though & that makes me sad, since we were very close when I was younger.

The only thing that upsets me now about being an only child is when my parents pass away, I will be all alone. I will have my husband (hopefully I'll have one by then) & maybe kids to be there for me.. but, it still worries me to be alone having to do all of those things that come along with a death.. but, hopefully I'll be a strong person by then who can take it all on!

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I understand. I was also an only child.

Me and my sister both were.

You need to develop strong relationships. Iv been the only child for 44yrs. and i knew that i wanted 6,8,or 10 children and yes i have six the youngest is 18yrs. old they all are the joy of my life and i love it. My mother only wanted 1 child and no more. I hated being alone!!!!! my parents forgot that i will grow up and become a woman. By me not having siblings i didnt know how to work out problems in a relationship and so forth. There are some draw backs in being the only child. Now she is sick and wish she had more children to help her or live with her. We are not close nor is her grandchildren. goodluck stay in contact.

I am an only child as well, I am 24 years old. I must say that all my life I absolutely loved being an only child!! I actually used to panic thinking my mom might have another child. I guess I loved getting all the love and receiving all the attention. I loved not having to share the attention. I liked being the focal point of my parents world. My mother is and my best friend. I could tell her anything growing up and still can now. I think the closeness we shared is because I was her only 1. Me and my dad were always close 2 I always felt as though my parents would do anything 4 me. As an only child I think the fear of loneliness is one of our greatest fears. For me that fear didn't make me want brothers or sisters, but rather a sought to make lasting friendships. I always had good friends in my life. I love my friends and feel for them as my sisters. I can understand your fears but you cannot worry about the things that are not with in your control. THe bible says that when mother and father forsake you the Lord will never abandon you. God won't leave you a lone he is there. He is the ultimate parent and he will never die!!

I have those exact same thoughts and feelings I'm a 15 year old boy, and yeah I've always begged my parents to adopt cause my mom almost died giving birth to me but I just wished that I can have that chance and yes I'm scared for the day wen ill be all alone I have no friends cause I hardly ever talk to anyone and wen I do I'm never liked by other peers so I just get put off to a side it upsets me to write this and understand no matter how hard I try ill never have a sibling and ill always have a label on my back "only child"

I know how you feel! It is hard and it can be really tough to have that feeling of being alone. I'm very close with my Mother and I have spoke to her about this many time. She has a brother whom she was very close with as a teenager. However, when her father passed away she told me that the only person who was there for her was her husband. Her brother wasn't around and he wasn't supportive in the least. So, maybe we don't have to worry too much. You're still young so you have plenty of time to meet new friends and people. I know it's scary and hard. But, maybe that will help you out a bit. If you ever need to talk, I'm here. Feel free to message me or e-mail me at aleighsha-annabelle@hotmail.com.

Keep your chin up, sweetheart <3

I always wished for a brother or sister. A much older one to look after me, a similar aged one to play with as a child and fight with but talk to about stuff as a teenager, or a much younger one to take care of because I love children and I love seeing big brothers/ sisters watching out for their little siblings it's so sweet. And then like you said to have someone when my parents die. What if I have no husband/ friends or children, at least I'd have family if I had siblings.

I know exactly what you mean. My mother has no family aside from her mother, so I'm terrified if she gets sick. I'll be all alone looking after her, I just don't know if I could do it all. But I can't even think about that!

Im an only child...well,so i think i am.Im adopted.Who knows how many siblings I have.I don't think i have any,because..why would my parents give me up then?But theres probably reasons i dont need to know right now.But its not that bad i guess...I still have all my bestfriends and stuff:D and cousins,aunts and uncles:/ im the only,only child in my family..but thats ok(: haha ived always wanted to adopt a brother.But thats not gonna happen anytime soon :P

I have a only child. Just through Choice. I am the youngest of 4 children. My brother used to chase me with knifes and set me on fire, my sisters would pull each others hair and steel things from each other. I wouldnt wish that on my child. But it is a personal choice.

I'm also an only child i'm stil young uhm 13 y.o. and my dad is already old he is already in his 60's and he is still thinking about my future and have glaucoma but he is still working as a doctor I sometimes cry because I see my dad very tired and I can't even do anything about it I feel like I'm a bad son.

I cry day and night! I wish sooooooooo much I wasn't an only child. i have felt this way for a year and a half now. do u think i need to get help? xxx thnx.

I don't have many friends. But, I have one friend who I've been with through thick & thin he would be there for me, I know it.

I always loved being the only child until my younger sister was die...... <br />
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I always loved being the only child until my younger sister was die...... <br />
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I always loved being the only child until my younger sister was die...... <br />
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I was an only child & I have to say I hated it! I lived with my grandparents & of course they spoiled me. That only made it harder when I had to grow up...FAST!! It was a rude awakening to say the least. My ***** doner & I were never close. He use to say to me "you look just like your mother"! And I would then tell him "well, you picked her". He died in 95 because of his drinking & my mother & I took care of him until his death. (about 6 mo.) I have to say it didn't really bother me. My mom & I got really close when she came back into my life. Then Dec. 08 she passed. She had adult onset leukemia. That was a really hard thing to go through. I took care of her for about 3 years before she passed. Although I worked, during the last 6-8 mo. I had to take a leave from work. I'm really blessed to work for people that understand. My bosses mother passed with the same thing just about a year before. But I have some really close friends & 1 that I've known since 2nd grade that I consider a sister. She's helped me more than any sibling probably ever would & I do the same for her! We know eachother's darkest secrets & have experienced so much in our lifetime. At the end of our lives, I see us sitting on a porch rocking back & forth in our rockers & reminiscing of the things we did when we were kids & all the crap we went through with our husbands & kids!

My Mother & Step-father have looked into adoption. But, we don't have the money to adopt though. Maybe when I'm older & I get closer to my boyfriends brother he will adopt me as a sister!

what prevents you from adopting someone. showering him/her/them with your love? Find somebody who has missed out like you have been. Lean on each other. <br />
If your parents are not that old, let them legally adopt one or more boy or girl. Insist on their doing it.

what prevents you from adopting someone. showering him/her/them with your love? Find somebody who has missed out like you have been. Lean on each other. <br />
If your parents are not that old, let them legally adopt one or more boy or girl. Insist on their doing it.

Sibling have there own lives as adults They move on and your our left alone whether you come from a big family or not..And a major death Can split up a big family in matter of seconds <br />
Be happy whether mom could have ten kids or just you

I am an adult female and I have a brother 1 year younger than me, we used to play a lot when we were children, I always had someone to play with so I didn´t feel lonely, but as we grew older we both went our seperate ways, he lives in another country now, my parents split up and my mother went to live with my brother, I am married now with a 2 year old son, whom I don´t want to be an only child so I am pregnant again, the thing is I feel really lonely now. I wish I could´ve had a sister also, I don´t feel close to my husbands family so whatever problem I have with my child or pregnancy I have to solve it with my husband on our own, I see my other friends who have children also and who have sisters, and their sisters are always willing to help them, or advise them. Honestly I feel lonely and as if I were an only child. I wish my parents would have had 1 more child so it could´ve been 3 of us.

I too am an only child. As a child I never missed having siblings. There were tons of kids in my neighborhood to play with when I wanted, but when I wanted to be alone I could. I appreciated not having to share my space, my stuff or time with my parents. My wife says I'm spoiled and that I still don't know how to share. She has three brothers, one older and two younger. They're all very close and it's only now, seeing their relationship, that I feel like I've missed something. Because of them I don't worry so much about being alone when my parents pass away, but I do worry about the responsibility of caring for one or both of my parents should the need arise. All I can do is enjoy them and show them that I love them while they're here and leave the rest in God's hands.

I always loved being the only child until my only brother was born...

Thanks! You have made it seem a lot better, lol. I do liek being an only child. I guess there are perks I just never realized before.

Another way to look at this situation would be to remember that even though you don't have siblings to help take care of your parents when they're old, many times the responsibility falls on one child in a large family to take care of the parents. I am one of six children, my father passed suddenly but my mother lived for 93 years. At the end, I was the only one who took care of her. I've seen this happen many times.<br />
One child is able to step forward so the others retreat. It probably would have been easier for me had I been an only child. I felt I needed to give daily reports to my siblings. That took a lot of my time, and the massive input from them on a situation they had no "first hand knowledge" of was confusing, distracting and many times too overwhelming for me to handle. Being an only child in many ways makes the tough times easier to handle. Be of good cheer! The grass isn't always greener on the other side.

That is very true. That doesn't sound like something I want, I appreciate my life & all I have.

I am an only child. My mother passed away when I was barely 16. It was hard just being Dad and me, but he remarried 18 months later and suddenly I had 5 step-sisters. It was SO much worse than being an only child!! They were all older than me and all very popular, very accomplished and very spoiled considering that their parents were divorced and their Dad did everything he could to alleviate the guilt by buying them cars, clothes and trips, not to mention very nice educations. There was always a sense that I wasn't good enough and it didn't help that there were always 5 of them and just one of me. I was expected to attend family events and occasions and I always felt left out and distanced from them. Finally, when I married, I had my OWN family and what once seemed important no longer bothers me. I have no children, no siblings and no parents left, but I have my husband, some VERY close and loving friends and my dogs, so take heart, being an only child isn't necessarily a bad thing, family means those who love you, not those you're related to or who don't accept you as you are.