Only Child Mug Shots

Very interesting....just doing random research and noticed that most of the profile pics by 'Only Children' are not the typical head shots but pictures of scenery/pets/objects that perhaps represent how the individual Only sees himself??? 

Which reminds me of something i read earlier on another site with the theme of only child experiences:

"With no peer witness inside the family, s/he can remain invisible to her/himself"




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That is interesting! I never use a photo of myself on social media, I always use a picture that represents something I'm interested in, I feel that using a photo of myself is too revealing, I like my privacy. Could be an only child thing, but just as likely to be an age group thing (late 40's).

I haven't really thought about it. Maybe, if it is relevant, it could be that as onlies we value our space and privacy more, because we are less used to being 'intruded' upon?

A very interesting observation I must sat. My profile pic looks like my female cat I love her very much that's why I chose it.

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That is why I posted this in the 'only child' section. Looking for understanding among fellow onlies...those with no 'peer witness' in the family.

Interesting, but may or may not be relevant. I'm not an only child, but I know a lot of people on the internet just don't like to put their photos out for all to see. Personally, I feel invisible often, but for different reasons. I also find it much more expressive to show a picture of something I can relate to or that I feel describes me. Still, very cool thoughts.

OK...that is a freaky post that made me go ...HMMMMMMMMMMM......look at my screen name! :)<br />
I have always felt invisible...very strange...

That's an interesting observation, you've got me noticing it it too :) I think it would also make a great story for the EP group "I Think About Things That Make Me Go Hmmm" :)