There's Good and Bad Things About It

Sometimes I hate it, because when I was little, at times, I wished I had a sister to play with, and now I think it would be great to have a sibling to share things with. (Yes, I know, lots of brothers and sisters don't get on, but why on earth would I wish for I sibling that I would only argue with?!)

Sometimes I love being an only daughter because I had loads of attention from my family when I was little, and still do now to some extent.

I like being an only daughter because I can be a real "Daddy's girl," and I am now only slightly bratty! :)

Damoiselle Damoiselle
18-21, F
3 Responses Feb 3, 2007

Being an only child has put me at a disadvantage as far as i can tell...I learned to share however in school and am a very calm and collected person now.

some facts I read: kids who grow up without a any simblings don't learn to share and are used to attention so much that they seak it when they are on their own, and their are spoiled as well ;) maybe i've read to many magazines lol

lol, out of our family of six kids there is only one girl. My sister needless to say is a sort of a tom boy.