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Very Reserved In Person~

The title of this group says it all. I generally post real photos on EP, most of them are showing my face, often I change photos daily, deleting yesterday’s pics and adding today's offering. My stories and poems are largely nonfiction. I am as open as I know how to be about everything including very personal things like my modest finances, my spirituality, my liberal politics, right down to the details of my sweet "mature" marriage. I am an open book~

In real life, I am open and I make no apologies for who I am, but, in my truest heart, I have to admit that I am not a people person and generally trust and "attach" myself to animals far more than people. My "in the flesh" friends....I can count on one hand and most of them I have known since I was a small child. My reasoning is varied, generally speaking my experience with human beings is that most are not authentic and many are eager to cram me into a box so that I fit into their idea of "normal" I hope that I am never, "normal." In crowds, I am sensitive to people's energy, sometimes I don't "like" what I feel when I am near certain humans. I enjoy being alone or alone with my husband, family, and pets here on the hill.

My EP friends are very precious to me, their true souls shine through their stories and I am comforted by their company. I try to keep my circle intimate and I try to choose wisely who I add and do not add here. 
hillbillycrone hillbillycrone 56-60, F 3 Responses May 27, 2012

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I am similar to you in some ways. I do enjoy the company of others but like yourself, find most people to be less then true.<br />
I am a person who needs my alone time and who is definitely reserved. I find it very easy to be open on EP partly because I bottle everything up and can't talk to anyone about it in person. I have written so many stories and blog entries here, all these repressed feelings and thoughts just come flooding out. I can also understand your attachment to animals. There is something about their loyalty and unconditional love that is rare to find in other humans. <br />
<br />
I am proud to know you and be a part of your friends circle here.Like you, my circle is also small as I prefer it that way.<br />
You help me to feel better about myself and I find myself thinking about you often throughout the day.<br />
<br />

Oh Jenni, thank you honey, I think of you often throughout the day as well. I always hope that you are having a nice happy day~ xxxx Thanks for being my friend Jenni~

I'm not very thrilled to be in crowd, too. I often feeling drained, I sort of can guess what is going on people's mind, and I often find on those minds are...not so pretty. So I try to keep the exposure at minimum :D<br />
And by the way Hilly, you definitely are an open book, a very interisting one ;)

I thank you dear one, I adore your posts and your comments, I feel your warmth and your cheer with every word! Hugs and Care Always. xx

i feel the same~ hugs....

Hugs to you my EP daughter, you are a doll~ you make my heart smile.