At Least, That's What My Mom Tells Me.

Yeah.  I have an open mind.  I think people should stay out of other people's business (*cough* war in Iraq *cough*) and should just take the general approach of live and let live.  I admire the Dutch immensely for their standpoint on drugs (the idea is, if you try to stop the people from doing what they want to do you only make more problems).  I wish that we (Americans?  Humans?  I don't know.) could just step back a little and let others be free to be themselves.  If I want to use drugs in the privacy of my home or drive without my seatbelt, why shouldn't I?  One bonus to this line of thought is that if we didn't spend so much time regulating the lives of idiots that can't do it for themselves, we'd eventually be a much smarter society once they all killed themselves off. 

Confidential to the person who was nice enough to leave me a comment to the effect of "You're going to hell, you dirty *****":  Thanks.  I'm sure I couldn't have done without that.  I'm sure your fire and brimstone speeches are saving souls.  YOU are exactly what I'm trying to avoid.

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6 Responses Dec 5, 2006

I don't agree all, but I agree most of what are you saying. Any nation should be living the way they want, not Americans want!

I would have to agree for the most part.

I agree totally.<br />
I will take the consequences for my own actions.<br />
Do no harm to others.

I agree a little. Stuff should be legal at a certain age though. I mean a kid at age 10 can't really give consent for sex considering they don't understand the concept and consequences yet. Same with drugs etc.

I agree, Europe seems to be a lot more civilized in that sense.<br />
It should all come down to personal responsibility. <br />
We don't need to regulate everything just because a few people have a problem with it.

yeah, cough, war in iraq, cough- I couldn't agree more!