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I'm in a hurry right now so I'm just going to be frank. The bible says gays and lesbians are not allowed and will NOT go to heaven. I may be posting some verses from the bible later to prove this. Anyway think about it.
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Your bible also condones me being stoned to death. Personally I don't believe a word in your bible. You may have your holy book but understand it is not my holy book, your god is not my god, and I would much appreciate you not being so ignorant as to believe shoving your religious beliefs down my throat is by any means alright. Allowing gay marriage hurts you none in fact it hurts no one (except themselves if you believe that I personally believe it hurts them less than the brainwashing you clearly got as a kid). By allowing gay marriage you allow a group to do things In accordance with their beliefs and you can still be in a marriage in accordance with your own. You can not and I will not allow you to force me into a belief I do not agree with. I mean no disrespect but I do feel a bit offended myself that you think you have the right to impose a law on me that has to do with belief and not fact. You can't just have an argument that is based on god an the bible. With out the bible what proof do you have of your god? No more than mine. So I will marry whom I please for it should be none of your concern and none of your power to decide.

I'm Muslim and I must say I agree

God bless you.

Ahh the bible, aka, a set of rules coming from one man's version of the law of "god"

You have no right sting who enters the kingdom of heaven and who doesn't. God is the only decider.

I respect anyone regardless of race, sex, religion or, orientation but, I don't agree with Gays and Lesbians getting married. I believe that men and women were created to be together for that huge reason, to procreate. Which plays a huge role in why (most) men and women are naturally attracted to each other.

You can respect someone and disagree with some aspects of their life.
I don't name call them, give them dirty looks or, harass them in any way. I simply don't agree with gays and lesbians marrying. So, I'm pretty sure not doing any of these things to someone would qualify as respecting them.

I vote against it because, I don't agree with it. You don't have to agree with something in order to be respectful. I'm disagreeing respectfully.
Besides, did you not read the name of this group? Why would you argue with someone about this topic in this group, if you know what stories and comments are going to be posted on here?

If it's proven to be a part of their genes then, why can't two man or two women procreate?

Life isn't all about sex but, it's an important part of life and, what creates life.
So, if it's part of their DNA, then people of the same sex should be able to reproduce with one another.
There's a difference between natural and normal. Just because here in America and, other countries I'm sure, homosexuality is accepted so therefore normal doesn't make it natural. There's a fine line between the two.

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that was a looooong response

if you think aboutm it the storie of adam and eve is pretty messed up cause if eve was made from addams rib he would technecly be his daughter and his sister so them starting the world is wiered and if they had kids and there kids had kids we wouldnt be here because of all the inbreeding we would be babbling idiots

nowhere in the bible does it say gays and lesbians will not enter heaven this is just mans interpratation of the bible wich again is just another of mans stories to keep the masses inline