Weird. I Know.

I am notorious for being the glass half-empty girl.  Can't help it.  It's like I know things are going to work out, but I don't want to jinx it by saying something aloud and then have it not happen.  But I am hopeful about the future.  I always want the best for myself; I'm not a masochist.  But sometimes I come off that way to other people.  I wish that I could change how I act but ti's just really hard.  Everyone I know thinks I take thinkgs for granted.  They all say "You're so smart, you're so beautiful, you're talented, blah, blah blah... But you don't appreciate it."  The truth is that I do appreciate it quietly.  I guess what I think is humility comes off as ungratefulness to everyone else.  Maybe I should work on that...
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1 Response Nov 7, 2006

i'm a pessimist,im a pessimist about people,situations,senarios......seceretly remaining optimistic that they,it,the situation wont go like that.....aint it a shame,most the time the pessimist side is right....question----why am i the asshol* for recognizing that and saying it?........people suck,untill you know them,but then,all you really know after knowing them is the thing that really sucks about them...i suck too.....****,dont get me wrong,i reconize that!im MR.ASHHOLE, they say.<br />
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hey, still optimistic baby...........gotta love me girl...