Happiness Is Right Around That Corner!

I don't know why I am an optimist, its not like I haven't been through some crappy stuff in my life, trust me, I have. Just because one endures some hardship doesn't mean that they have to have a crappy outlook on life. I may not be in the best of moods all the time but it is just easier to grin and bear it as it is to make others feel as miserable as you. Just remember when you are up against a wall or you feel like you are in this alone in this world, people will react to you as you react to them. put on a happy face.
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2 Responses Feb 25, 2007

Yeah I know what you mean I was against a wall for years and didn't even know the door was but two feet away.

so true .... i mean speaking biblically in the book of Ruth .. Naomi comes into her village after losing her husband , her sons and one of daughters in law who was like her own ... she comes into her town and Tells them not to call her Naomi call her Mara for the Lord had made her very bitter ... but in the end every tragedy that had happened in Naomi's she was paid back for so to speak .. because God put his blessing on her and graced her and Ruth .... it just shows that God works in strange ways you have to make it through the hardship to reap the benefits of happiness ...