Optomism Can Change the World

Ever hear the saying that a smile goes a long way? or that you can make a big difference doing something very small? Well, I've had an expiraince like that to share. I'm generally an optomistic, outgoing, stand up for the little guy, kinda person. In middle school one time, there was this one girl, lonely and kinda overweight that everybody picked on. I took pity on her, i absolutlety HATE seeing people in bad moods and this poor girl was outright miserable. I talked to her, offered her friendship, and soon we became good freinds. She really opened up to me, told me about hardships in her life. I was often able to take away some of the sting of harsh things with a simple smile and a joke. Years went by, and one day she told me she had to move away. She said that we might never see each other again, and she had to tell me somehting important before she left. What she told me was, that day in the hallway that i finally went up to her, to talk to her, she had been contemplating suicide. Horrible things had happened in her life, and the constant abuse in school only added to the burden. But when i made her laugh that day, something she hadn't done in a long time, i gave her hope to go on another day. Every day i made her laugh was another day i had kept her alive. I hadn't even known. We've been in and out of touch throughout the years, but she tells me she'll never forget what i gave her, friendship, and life.


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5 Responses Mar 15, 2007

its worth going out of your way to do a good deed, you never know how much it will mean

People who suffer from depression are considered to have a mental illness, but would that not also be true of those who always seem to happy, nothing seems to get them down. Maybe they to suffer from mental illness, just one that is more acceptable, just as annoying though.

Well I hope you both will manage to keep in touch, sounds like you both have light to offer each other. Such a good thing!! *Smiles*

thanks mystic. :) i actually just got a call from her last week! it was wonderful! she told me her life was going great, but she had heard through mouth i had been asking about her well being, and she cried. she thought everyone forgot about her. she was just so happy, i had to hold back tears as well. And i'm so glad to hear her life is going good now, she really deserves it after all she's been through. :)

What a wonderful story, that gave me goosebumps!! My daughter Trudy was like that too, a priceless quality, not that I am not, but it is rare to find people at a young age compassionate to those who are thrown under the bus so to speak, keep shining that light!!! *Smiles* CindySue (Mystic)