I somehow am able to find the good in the bad in nearly any situation. When people need to be cheered up, they always seem to come to me, because no matter how bad their situation is, I tend to be able to make them smile. Its not hard to find the light in the dark if you just learn to look.
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There is definitely light in the dark, although there can sometimes be dark hiding under light....but that darkness can usually be transformed with patience and time

Aww, well thank you. Thats a really nice thing to say. :) Thanks.

Oh don't think I'm blind, here! I suffer from depression and feel alone all the time. I just don't think about it. Not thinking about isn't the same as being in denial. And if you just wallow in it, then you're just not trying to help yourself. The optimism is what keeps me going. If not, I probably would have had an "accident" a long time ago.

I am also an optimist. But i think even the most positive person in the world can accept loneliness in his life. Sometimes being positive or being happy is a denial of being negative or lonely.

I completely agree with you. You just have ot be able to see past the seemingly large magnitude of your problems to see that these things won't necessarily be stressing you out, five years down the line.

i have long used humor to do that-- life is wretched sometimes, but i always find something to laugh about. some people say i've got a gallows sense of humor. they may be right. but i'd rather find something funny in the situation than be feeling crappy over it!

What a fantastic attitude!