What Else Am I Going To Do With Them When I'm Gone?

I don't understand why someone wouldn't be an organ donor...Once you're dead, you're not going to need them anymore...I've never been asked to donate anything while I was still alive, but FOR SURE when I pass away, I want them to salvage anything that can still be used to keep other people alive... I won't need them anymore...But someone else may...So why not?
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I'm happy to live in a place where everybody is by Law an organ donor. <br />
At the same time we do have the right to refuse donate our organs by stating so in an official document that we must carry all the time. <br />
It's a good example of reverse psychology isn't it?

I will NEVER sign up to be an organ donor! Want to know WHY? Find me on facebook , youtube, myspace or twitter (Billy bobby) I'm on facebook at "Black market body parts info". Until the government "REGULATES" the bone, tissue, organ and body parts market...I and none of my friends will be a donor as we have seen 1st hand for 10 years what "they" do to folks who enter the hospital with no insurance or they are the kind of people that society really would not "miss" (useless eaters) as Hitler put it? Yeah....go to www.facebook.com/blackmarketbodypartsinfo or<br />

The measure of a life, after all, is not its duration, but its donation.<br />
<br />
Life after Life! Yes to donation. Let's teach our kids, so future generations will see this as something that has to be done.

Gut me like a pumpkin and fill me with tissue paper!!!! Save the sick and the organ deprived people!!!!! :)

I totally agree. I don't understand why anyone would NOT want to be an organ donor!