Take What You Will!

For the most part of my life, I've always been a blood donor - pretty much every 8-10 weeks I'll give. I have a slew of t-shirts from these guys!

Here is my issue with this:

About six months ago, I was scanning through the TV and came across a show on MTV about people who needed bone marrow as they had bone cancer and/or a series of other ailments that required donor marrow. Since my first driving day, I've always had the "IS A DONOR" stamp on my license so I decided to give it a whirl and help some of these folks out as I would hope if I ever needed it, someone else would come to my aid.

I went through a series of home-test kits for this company - mouth swabs, etc. Sent everything in and would you believe that I have not yet heard one thing back from them?!! You have someone who is healthy AND willing to donate, yet n-o-t-h-i-n-g...unbelievable. It kind of scared me a bit thinking that maybe they found cancer cells in my swab or something crazy like that, fortunately I called them and they said that I was in their database and have not been disqualified for any reason. YAY ME!
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lol@ to the big leagues.........well I SUPPOSE I shouldn't worry. But I'm healthy, I'm a universal blood donor so whats the hold up yo'!?

Isn't that strange. I don't think they contact you unless there is a match or if you have something wrong with you. I am in the databa<x>se too but never been called up to the big leagues. I guess I will always be a minor. lol

@BHB - no, I'm not a drama queen you *** lol Nor have I lost the one I love ;)<br />
Invite me to the islands - I need a fancy new refuge (and some quality sun). In return, I'll throw in all of my back hair for good measure. Deal?

Just when I think I know what makes you tick, you throw me a curveball....who are you , really, Ghandi or Sam Kinison??

Try the African goddesses or the Amazonians - I hear they kick *** and have the process down pat! :D