Easy Choice

I got myself registered as an organ donor as soon as I turned 18. When I die, I'm either going to be cremated or rot away in the earth, so I don't see what I'll be needing my organs for. It's a nice idea that I might be able to help people even after I die. This was an easy choice for me.

The question remains whether my organs are any good at all. I smoke, so my lungs aren't going to be very useful. And although I'm not sick or anything, I have no idea what condition my other organs are in. Also, I'm a bit overweight. I'm not sure that's good for your organs either.

My boyfriend chose not to become an organ donor because he believes he'll need his organs for the afterlife, whatever that's going to be. I understand his logic, to some extent, but I don't believe body and soul are inseparable. I really hope I'm not wrong, because I am, my afterlife might just become interesting.
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2 Responses Nov 29, 2011

I know it's been awhile since this story was posted, but I just wanted to throw this out there. I actually just did a persuasive speech on becoming an organ donor a couple of weeks ago. If you go to www.donatelife.net, there is a lot of information about organ donation. Just about anyone no matter how young or old can donate something, even if they don't have a great medical history. Plus, if someone is going to die without it, a not so perfect organ or other tissue is better than nothing. That website and any of it's partner websites are great for information, as well as helping to convince others to become organ donors. :)

Exactly the same with me. Even if there is a heaven above I don't think my soul will need the organs there...and after all, it's a life saver so I count it as a good thing to do.