If you’re brain-dead by accidents:

Your eyes can continue to see
By being placed in one who needs,
And live for another life-time!

Your heart can continue to beat
In one who needs a living pump
To circulate the blood around!

Your kidneys both can excrete wastes
In persons two with uraemia,
And help them live for some more years!

Your liver transplanted in one
With alcoholic cirrhosis
Can help him live for some more weeks!

Your pancreas, lungs, intestines,
Bone, bone-marrow and entire skin
Can be help to keep fifty alive!

Donate your other organs too
To ones in dire need of them,
And make your corpse to help men live!

So, gift your body parts to ones
Who seem to be in verge of death
And help continue to breathe!

Donate your organs; help save a life!
You can serve though dead!
CMA1234 CMA1234
46-50, F
3 Responses Jan 21, 2012


thank you

I want to but my family doesn't want me to...I don't think I can donate blood or plasma because of the daily meds....??

It took a long time for my family to come around and respect my decision that I wanted to donate my organs

I take meds on a daily basis for anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. Can I still be an organ donor ??

I not sure I know the doctors would like clean organs but with the shortage of people willing to donate you may ask you doctor

I will, thanks. I am pretty sure that I can't donate blood or plasma. It's because of the kinds of meds.