Do U Need O+ Kidney? I Am Here From Uk

I am male age of just over 30, married and fed up with this life! I was living my life happiely but since iv got married I have started loosing money and facing all my incomes stopped. No matter which way `i try but its not working for me. already have over £60Ks debts in my shoulder and its increasing day by day. My parents and younger sibilings living in a different country. they are not relying on my earnings right now but will be in next few years time. I cant cope with these stresses any more and the person needs be be there for me, instead trying to use me till my last drop of blood. sometimes I feel like doing some stupid things to kill myself but cant do it because i know my parents been looking after me up untill today so i need to be there when are retired and need a shoulder.
Now, ( yes, i have been thinking enough and determined!) to get myself a stress-free life which can only be gained if i solve my debt problem out. I need such an amount of money which could solve my debt out as well as give me some savings for my elderly parents as long as they are alive. No one can guruantee to be alive tomorrow so I am nor worrying to live with just one kidney as long as it gives me a lifetime so that I can look after my parents.
I am an occasional smoker, never touched alcohol or drugs, good health with blood group O+. I am willing to donate one of my kidneys if it helps someone to be alive. In return I would request that person or his/her relative to help me solving my money problem out.

I can be contacted on +447808722361, please leave me a voice msg in case dont pick up the phone, do not forget to leave your contact number and reference as "Experience Project Donor"
abcapu abcapu
31-35, M
Apr 9, 2012