Organ Donor

me to if they arent to worn out from old age LOL they tell me they arent guess I wont know for sure LOL

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9 Responses Jun 15, 2008

wait till they get my eyes and can't see a bloody thing after all. Actually with a very expensive pair of glasses, yeah ...I will still be helping a person. I was joking and it sounded :-)

Ah, a petrol pump with experience. They should be glad to have it.

hope not that is one good thing in this old body LOL

Yep, mine are going out to whom ever needs this or that. The concept of someone walking around because of doners, very good. I wonder if they are picky about the age of a heart..etc. ?

yes and I sure do try every day

The bible teaches us that we should help everybody.

thank you that is my feelings to I love to help people even strangers.

Even in death you would be helping someone live. Very cool.

thanks good friends