A Plea

I've been an organ donor for three years and during these years I've met so many people whi disapproved of it for reasons like "It's just ... eeerr... I don't know ... it's disgusting" or something.

But what does anyone need his body for after it's dead? It doesn't hurt you if they cut you open and take your heart out after your dead. It will help another person to live! Just imagine you would be in a car accident tomorrow and you'd need a new heart or kidney in the next three days or you'll die. And no one is willing to donate one ... and you will die because other people thought that they want their body to be perfect while rotting underneath the earth.

In fact there is no reason why you shouldn't be an organ donor... just so many why you should.

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Donate your innards

I'm 19, how do I get my medical card

If you live in the USA, your state will usually have an online registry. You just fill out the E-form, and your card shows up in the mail. Easy-peasy.

I've also signed my medical card to donate if it happens. I mean what use do I have with a kidney when I'm dead. But if it can help to save a life, that is the most precious gift of all.



Good on you for not only being an organ donor, but also for standing up and telling your story, and hopefully inspiring others! (Then again, every time I've seen your stylish avatar, she's never sitting down, so perhaps standing up and telling the story was the only option? ;))

i totally agree. i dont see why people are disgusted with this. Organ donation is the greatest gift you could give someone.

I agree too, I have no use for me after I'm dead, anyway why would I want worms & magotts climbing out of my nose & ears and eating my eyeballs when they can be quite happy being useful to someone.