You Can Have It!

I won't need it.  Shot, if there is anything left that is good....go for it!

I have been the recipient of donated bone!  when I had my disc surgery for my neck, instead of using something from my hip, they used someone elses donated bone.  It saved me from a second surgery, and extra pain.  They say the hip surgery is worse than the disc surgery.

I had decided a very long time ago to be a donator, and all of my children have also commited to this.  Now my husbnad has come around.

Organ donation is a wonderful way to say, I love you, as well.

If there is anyone who is waffleing about should email me, I'll tell you ALL about it and how wonderful it is!.

So to my fellow donators...Hugs to you all!

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It all sounds good to me. I just happen to have hepititus C and would guess my organs would never be used for transplants. That's why I was asking about the other possibilities. Thank You, you gave me exactly what I need to know.

first...make sure your family KNOWS you wants to be an organ donor.<br /> your local medical college, advise them that you are an organ donor, and you wish to donate you UNUSED parts, (other than your exterior body) to them for testing, of as a learning tool, or for the use of investigation and/or experimentation. They will let you know whether they have this process implemented at their school. <br />
Generally though, they ask you donate your ENTIRE body. Oh be advised the funeral home will CHARGE YOUR FAMILY FOR TRANSPORTATION! (usually 400.00-800.00). (A funeral home/director usually has to be involved because of legal papers required for a death certificate)<br />
<br />
Make sure you have the organ donor part of your ID whether driveers liscence or state ID checked!<br />
go online and googleor search for organ donor information. Ususally it will lead you to a site inwhich you can sign up NOW. That way everything is already in place upon your demise...(WHICH I MIGHT ADD MAY NOT BE ANYTIME SOON!!!!!!) <br />
<br />
you may even want to write out a note stating your wishes, You can even handwrite it, have it notorized, and carry it in your wllet, about wanting any additional parts to be used for science.<br />
<br />
Do you plan on a funeral? They can take your whole body...thereby forgoing the funeal or cremation. Lord knows as for me, there is no waty anyone can afford the funral so this is a thrifty measure for those of us POOR folks! The charge thef uneral director gets for transportation isn't anything compared to an actual funeral.

I signed to be a donor many years ago before I knew of my illnesses. Now I wonder if they could use my organs at all. But I figure if its a lost deal, maybe donating my body to science or medical school, would work. But how do you let them know?

It's so easy. You can sign up online, you can sign up when you get your drivers liscence. <br />
then make SURE to tell your family your wishes.<br />
It is so they can agree!<br />
BUT it is so worth it in the end. literally.

speaking for the medicated of the world....I won't really feel it then will we?<br />
Tell Mom you'll be haunting her then before the ambulance gets there! :)

I am one too, my mom had a fit when I told her cause she claims that the ambulance will take longer to get there...I know she's crazy but that was when she wasn't on medication.. XD