My Story For Organ Donating

I signed up a few months ago to be an Organ Donor.  Before I signed up I was nervous about the whole thing. I never really had to deal with death. After my husband joined the Army we had to fill out paper work in case something ever happened to him. And that really got me thinking. When you die you really can't take your organs with you so why not give them to someone who really needs them. I talk to all my friends about it. Trying to get them to donate. I see it like this, I would give my life for my children so why not give my organs to someones children, mom, dad, brother or sister etc... when I'm gone. I would like to thank everyone who has become an organ donor for one day you may save me or one of my family members lives.

reneehourigan reneehourigan
26-30, F
1 Response Feb 10, 2009

Exactly! That's what I think too and why I've been a donor for years already.<br />
Isn't it nice to think that this is one choice we'll never live to regret?