Trying to Make a Difference

I am from Brazil and have been in the US for almost two years and love this country and how things work, the law is respected and people are generally caring and helpful.

That's why I was very surprised to learn that the number of people who register as organ donors is so small. This felt un-american, sad and highly correctable!

So a friend and I decided we would make a campaign to show people how easy it was to sign up (and I signed up as well, since I had never thought about the topic before - I was a registered donor in Brazil.

We decided to make a different campaign, funny and positive, focusing on the positive associations people make of organ donors. The campaign name is "Donor Are Sexy!"

This is our blog:

Please check it out and let me know what you think.



Brasileiro Brasileiro
26-30, M
Mar 4, 2009