It Can Give a Life After Death

I became a donor after reading a newspaper article about a i think a 6 year old girl that needed a heart transplant but there were not enough donors. I realised by donating your organs not only does a part of you live on after death but you give people potentially life after death. What good are your organs going to be under ground buried. Some people say that when you die you need to be buried "whole" as on the day of judgement you will be brought back to life. However, it also says your body will be  transformed. Plus, your organs most likely would have totally disintegrated. If your burnt don't they take your organs out anyway?

All i have to say really is that why deny someone else life for vanity purposes when you are not going to notice when you are dead anyway? Because it is vanity what other excuse can it be but if its religious i respect that, as it is your beliefs but all i can say wouldn't you God be happier that you saved a life and disappointed if you had the power to save a life/lives (as you do if your organs are safe after death). God, is supposed to be understanding and if he would condemn someone for being an organ donor and saving a life. Well, that's not a God that i'd personally like to know or think created me!

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i agree! whats the point in holding onto something you don't really need?