Well I Am Not..!

I am on a mission to become more organized.  I have just about pushed my husband to his wits end.  Not to mention myself.  I tend to be very organized and in charge at work.  Always pushing myself to be better and stronger, but I lack that completely at home.  And I always have.  Alot of the time I feel as though I am holding all the puzzle pieces in my hands trying to get them to all go together at once.  I eventually get overhwellmed and give up.  It is like I don't know how to handle the organizing one piece at a time.  If any one feels a connection here, please don't be afraid to share.  This is why I am up at 4:38 in the morning "google-ing" ways to change my life.  :)  I am so tired of being lazy, and I am ready to really put the work into changing.  I am also starting to feel that while my husband and I love each other dearly, I might be on thin ice with him as far as leaving to much for him to do.  So HELP!!

mwhispa mwhispa
Aug 13, 2009