I'm a 55 year old single mom. My 26 year old son lives at home. He fails to accept me as a sexual being. Although I have no sympathy for him, I would like to avoid altercations with him after he hears me in bed. The only problem is my fitness trainer/lover is a 28 year old hunk and sex god. When we make love I can not help but scream because I have such powerful *******. Don't get me wrong, I am NOT complaining but I am sick of my son complaining about having to hear me in bed. I posed for this picture by the way. It's not a real action shot
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hot pose - it's your house - your rules - if he doesn't like them - well - he's a man after all

Wish I was making you scream

You sound lucky to have such a happy love life. I am envious of you, but more of the man you share it with

You have the problem confused... It's not that your son is uncomfortable with your sex life... It's that he is 26 and lives at home!!
Move him out... then you can scream and have sex anywhere in the house!! 😬

WOW very sexy, first good for you, second wow! Don't worry about what he says, tell him as long as he lives with you he will have to deal with the screaming. Its your place, you are enjoying yourself and your lover, don't feel bad about that. He's a grown man and should be able to handle it, if not, tell him he can leave and live on his own.