Maureen Flatley ~ Lobbyist & Child Advocate

Talking with Maureen felt a little bit like stepping back in history.  Maureen grew up in Washington DC during JFK’s inauguration, Watergate, the Vietnam War, Bobby Kennedy’s assignation, Martin Luther King…these events along with being the daughter of a prominent FBI agent created the “perfect storm”.  Maureen is now a very influential lobbyist for children’s welfare.



How Would You Define Womanhood?


“In my life womanhood is about being a fully alive, fully engaged human being.”


What inspired you to follow your passion and dreams?


“My parents really gave me the sense that I could do anything.  They instilled in me an active regard for doing good and acting based on what is right and just.  At different times, I tapped into to the different wisdom my mother and father provided me.  On top of that, I grew up with Washington DC in a time when some really powerful things were happening…JFK, Watergate, the Vietnam War, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King…like many young people during that time I took up politics as an avocation.  Who I am today really began with my parents.”


What advice would you give young women?


“Number one, take care of yourself—the fundamentals like eating right, nutrition, and exercise.  Two, pursue something you really care about.  Three, don’t believe for a minute you can’t make a different in the world.  Everyone, each individual, has power.”

Maureen’s Bio:

Ms. Flatley began her career as a partner and principal of John M. Flatley Associates, a consulting firm founded by her father, John Flatley, a retired FBI Agent. Together they provided government relations and strategic services to a diverse client list of major corporations, heads of state, celebrities, elected and appointed officials on a diverse range of issues, including national security to immigration reform.

Since 1994, she has specialized in the representation of children, families and the programs that serve them. She combines a portfolio of bipartisan political relationships with creative approaches to advocacy to achieve high stakes successes in Congress and elsewhere. Working both sides of the aisle, Ms. Flatley has been the architect of a host of adoption and child welfare bills passed by Congress. Collectively these bills authorized billions of dollars and significant increases in federal spending on a broad array of entitlement programs designed to support child welfare, adoption, health care and educational services. With a particular expertise in government reform and oversight, most recently her advocacy on Capitol Hill resulted in the introduction, passage and implementation of Masha’s Law, a bill that created a new civil cause of action for children victimized by child predators on the internet.

Ms. Flatley and her clients have been featured on ABC’s Prime Time Live, the Oprah Winfrey Show, MSNBC’s Rita Cosby Show, Fox News, CNN, CourtTV and elsewhere. She has also been featured in USA Today, the Boston Globe, the Boston Herald, Commonwealth Magazine along with other international, national and local media outlets.

A native of Pittsburgh and a lifelong resident of Washington, DC, Ms. Flatley now resides on Boston’s North Shore. She serves on the board of the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, the Autoimmune Disease Research Foundation and War Kids Relief. She also serves on the editorial board of Fostering Families Today magazine.


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