Looking For the Original Women In the Experience Project Community!

Do you know an EP Lady who you consider an Original Woman?

Many different qualities can make an Original Woman and we want to showcase all the different ways to walk that path.


Leave a comment with a user name if you wish to nominate yourself or someone else in the EP community.  We will reach out the nominated ladies and ask them if they wish to be featured (not their names or anything, we will still protect your privacy and keep you anonymous) in the Original Women Gallery.



EPSarah EPSarah
22-25, F
62 Responses Mar 18, 2008

Me.......<br />
Since know one will................<br />
I will!<br />
I think I am Original Women ............<br />
I been different and I have done things for others!

Musicbox626 - she is an angel, a beautiful, caring, nurturing angel


Lexus - because she gives me faith in relationships<br />
<br />
MSP - because I know she's been through tough times but she has emerged a stronger person


What do you mean by an "original woman?" Original as in, someone who doesn't copy everyone else?

I support the nomination for FiFiDelmar, as she is witty, perceptive, and interesting.<br />
However, I have to endorse FeralVegan. If only half of this world shared her ideals, there would be no phenomena along the lines of 'Action News'. We would live simply, and happily, as we should.

chevygirl<br />
<br />
she's been with me for awhile now. she has a lot of things to say....

Mother2045 and DuckGirl

Dee67 for the universal way she reaches out with warmth, honesty and awareness toward all<br />
<br />
peaceonearth for her amazing prolific artwork<br />
<br />
Datura for a life lived with quiet integrity and peaceful strength<br />
<br />
hardtimes for bloging her experience with a son dying her on E.P. and bringing an amazing opportunity for us all to care, touch and be touched.

Roadkill, Fungirlmmmm

TendereyesPrincess without doubts

Hmmm...seems like we forgot GATEKEEPER, AWAKENING, and MISSASJA...

No one will ever nominate, so I will nominate my self!<br />
Thank you,<br />
I hear a around applause!<br />
Thank you


rockybear397 and lucylee

ladee54 is so special and has such great thing to talk about keep up the good work

My partner in crime, let's have a big communal "Yay!!" for Ms Fifi Del Mar....the swankiest Slacker Deluxe ever to mix cocktails while wearing her pjs!!

my original woman is LovelybeautifulCorie

My original woman is Mother2045

Too many to mention, they know who they are!!<br />
I think, by reading all the nominations for these women that we are all winners (sorry if it sounds corny) but for people, women, to reach out and touch someone with a poem, a shared experience or just a card fills my heart with so much joy and pride to be a woman and a member of EP. Thank you everyone.............

ArmyWifeUK and Tate3


yoyo101 is the most extraordinary person I've ever met. She is truly non-judgmental, incredibly intelligent, and full of compassion. The best part is that she is so humble all her gifts are not immediately evident. I think she qualifies as a truly original woman.


Lizzy22<br />
Sanibelle<br />
FunGirlmmm<br />
IWantMore<br />
PrettyPixie<br />
Syndala<br />
MsIndievidual<br />
nakibean<br />
b1mitu56<br />
raining<br />
Sweetheartxoxo<br />


doglady she is a true friend.

Hey everyone...You can give your shout outs here too:<br />

and newstartmarji

and mother2045


thanks journey. i'm honour:)

EP Erica


Thank you for nominating me journeyfulloflaughter.<br />
Sincerely,<br />

I also thank you too Journey and Sarah. :)

Thank you journey!!

I just wanted to say thank you to Juicy Fruit... you made a bad week into something I never had... a feeling of someone noticing me for me and not what I type or make videos about! Thanks to all that has made me feel as if I have known y'all my whole life!<br />
Southern Smiles,<br />

I'm with you Windy!

I didn't nominate as there was NO way to narrow this down to one. All women have so much to offer and what I might not find in one friend another will bring. It's a wonderful mix here and I love them all... and that includes you Ms Sarah!<br />
<br />
<br />
"Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but she did it backwards and in high heels."<br />
<br />
Faith Whittlesey

Thanks everyone...stayed tuned!

I would like to nominate paniarose...she is a new member and has not yet shared any stories.She is 75, the most wonderful mother in the world and now is fighting breast cancer.And i am sure once I have taught her how to use EP she will be a wonderful contributer.

Hey All,<br />
<br />
Thank you for all your nominations. We are so excited all these fantastic woman. <br />
<br />
We have currently closed the nominations, but don't fret--if you just have to get one in, please ping me over PM. <br />
<br />
And of course stay tuned to see some of these fantastic woman spotlighted.

OK, who hasn't been named yet?<br />
<br />

Fungirl and Iwantmore, two women on ep that have touched more people than many can imagine.

Aristartle, ColorMeReal, IWantMore, armadillo, scarlet54, goldiemtnzion, armygirl19, syndala, cinfullynn, coolchick, darlene, desirea, emerald, flugelblues, heavenbesideyou, icygreen, jekylnhyde, journeywithin, jeansnow, kyliegirl, kitten, hellcatt, mammy, missalissa, mother2045, mysplitpersonailty, pdfan2008, darlene, gelfing, raditsbrandi,redheadsrule, romanticgirl, selamoon, sugarqueen, sunnykris, windyspirit, xscarlet. These ladies have all befriended me and are there for me when I need them. They come through for me when many of my real life friends would wash their hands of me. Thanks ladies. You are all awesome and most certainly original women in your own right.

mysplitpersonality- strong, independent, an amazing mother and friend. She picked me up from my very lowest and she blew me away with her strength and courage. i have rarely been so in awe of anyone.

Rockabye- so incredibly strong and true to herself, and doing what she need to do for herself<br />
<br />
Amala- so kind and gentle and friendly and supportive. Motherly =]

ColorMeReal- She is always really kind and caring, and she has gone through alot, but she is still strong.

mysplitpersonality, juniper....

Journey, beacuse shes strong, caring, and generally an amazing woman. When I get to her age id love to be half the woman she is.

peaceonearth, eyes, girl4god...

sheisthelorax, justjessie, cinderelly, searchingformeaning, patchworkofmistakes....

armadillo, thatsnotme.....

lexus, msindievidual, redholly....

selamoonshine, luangi....

souris, elwing, warmth, aminik...

booknerd, dottysinclairisnotafraid, armywifeuk, tate3, angeladark, solarxmoon......

Wow, there are so many...I think we are all original in our own way. I will have to think...I may be back.