Give Any Ep Lady a Shout Out!

There are so many fabulous women that are a part of EP and I wanted to give everyone a chance to honor those that have been friends, leaders, and shared inspiration with the community.


So, here is the place to give a big EP SHOUT OUT!


I would like to give an EP SHOUT OUT to...........





Check Out the EP Original Women Page:

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14 Responses May 1, 2008

Oh I remember this Original Women stories.

Yeah. Why not have a EP original Man?

wow<br />
Thanks<br />
Some of those are an originalwomen.

Duckgirl- She is great too, throughtful, interesting, a great writer, fun person, smart too. I enjoy her posting too.

Islandinthesun- a great EP Big sister(not related in blood, nice, interesting, fun, a great sense of humor, beautiful young woman too, cool ,smart, good friend too. I love you. You are an original woman too. She is loved by my EP big brother too(redgone) and other who knows her.

Ilovegreentea- A very smart , awesome person interesting, lovely, beautiful young woman, nice, cool great sense of humor too. She is a great EP little sister(not related in blood)and friend. She is loved by me others who know her. She should be on the Am Original Woman Page.

mother2045 ,<br />
definitely one of the best people i have met here always has good time for everyone and reads and comments on everyones stories, always refreshing and positive!

Please everyone, let's give it up for WyldHoney!!! An independent woman whose bold and incisive commentary on life is exemplified by her stories, the causes she supports (animal and human rights to name only two), her professional independence and her avatar! I'd give her a parade if I could!!!

QuirkyGirl,<br />
You stalked me as your friend. (LOL) and I am so glad that you did. I have known you the leastr amount of time than the rest of my friends but you crack me up with your witty quirkiness. Your contributions to my personal life have been immense and intense so far. I look forward to our friendship lasting a long time. I leave you with this....I won't promise to be your friend forever because I probably won't live that long but let me be your friend as long as I live. I truly mean this. We have SOOOO MUCH IN COMMON!!! YOU ROCK GIRL!

RockyBear,<br />
You stand up for what you believe but do so in a compassionate way. Your contributions are thought provoking and genuine. We need more like you here. Thanks!

Mother,<br />
I enjoy your attitude as you hop from story to story leaving positive comments behind. I am proud to know you happy bunny 2.

JossieMarie,<br />
This young lady has lived through tortures that most people would only see in their worst nightmares yet she is genuine, caring, and completely open to the many questions I ask of her. I only hope that I am only half as strong if I ever have to face the tragedies she has had to overcome.

Aristartle,<br />
She is always genuine to a fault, honest beyond measure and an overall joy to know!!!! I am so glad she is my friend.

SouthernGirl08 formerly AutumSun... - She knows how to appreciate a person and doesn't resort to childishness when confronted nor does she run away from a fight.