Re: An Original Woman

It's great to be an original woman. I share with all the other original women in here.

To young women that are unsure of yourselves

Just be who you are and don't let other stereotype people bring you down.  Be proud of who you are.

I know being young have difficulty. Think this way if life doesn't have difficulty. It would be boring. So  embrace those difficulties.

Womanhood are not something we are born with. It's some we develop into.

I know there are labels out there. Labels are so fake and unoriginal.

To be original you don't need labels to be you. We are special.

Here to all the original women out there. 

Yeah. I'm trying to be independent WOMEN TOO.


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7 Responses May 1, 2008

I try TheRealWoman

You truly are beautiful, wise and one of a kind, dear Mother :)

thanks Josie

Your are truly an original an amazing woman. You write amazing stories and get your point across pretty much effortlessly. I can't be an original woman but if I could I'd like to be half as beautiful, delightful, insightful and wise as you.

Thanks for the advice TendereyesPrincess.

you welcome.

You are truly a beautiful woman inside, you have written it well. Thank you ! :)