I Am An Orphan.

I grew up with no parents, plain and simple. I also grew up with not much of a home. I was born in ky and once I was born I was only with my actual parents for 4 months of my life when my parents died. From there I was put into foster care and bounced around from house to house. Some of the homes were nice others were abusive. None of the homes that I went to I really felt much attachment to them. As well I was able to get good grades and at 17 I graduated high school and had a great scholarship and my grants took care of my other expenses. I don't know most of my family I have met a few aunts and uncles but I was not much for caring for them when I found out they had a chance to raise me instead of putting me into foster homes but they didn't. It makes you wonder that what at four months old could a person do to not make them want you? I will never know but I am still great full for the life I had. It has sculpted and molded me into the person I am today.
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Hey Bryan, I just wanted to commend you for posting. I am a 38 yr old orphan myself, who has found a way to survive and build a life filled with a tremendous love of myself. It's good to hear an inspirational story in here.


Brian, you sound like a fine young man who seems to have found the silver lining in the dark cloud. Bravo for you and may others learn by your courage and example. Don't blame your family, it is best in life to not judge. We can't put ourselves in their shoes. Who knows why they withheld. Enjoy your life, it is precious and worth living. Kind regards and much respect, Tina.

Do you like the person that you are today? I've read your story and respect the harsh hand that you were dealt. Sometimes the experiences that we have through life don't always mold us into people we really like. Yes, it makes us survivors and it proves that we can handle whatever life throws at us. I guess my question really is...can you love?

To be honest I do not know I love who I am but I I do not know if I can or want to love.

Brian, in order to have a healthy relationship with anyone, it first starts with loving yourself. "Yourself" being that tiny voice that tries to warn you and keep you safe. The easiest way to love yourself is to acknowledge and set aside something that is important to you. Take swimming or something as simple as your favorite food. Each day try to carve out some time and spend it doing something that is important to you. This is how you invest in yourself. Start doing this and you will start loving yourself. When we love ourselves unconditionally and take good care of ourselves, then we have laid the foundation for a healthy relationship with someone else. Blessing, Tina.

Well as long as you don't do what your aunt and uncle does if you are ever in a position to care for a child.

aww thats so sad :( I was in foster care for 3 years and adopted at 6...but i was taken from my birth family b/c my dad went to prision and abuse...but even tho i was adopted i don't feel a real connection

Stayed in foster care until I was 18 and went to college afterwards,

I still harbor massive resentment when I see my aunts and uncles especially some of them who are very well off because they have no excuse for not taking my brother and sisters and me

I can't stand the people that should of taken me in

I have found some form of forgiveness. I already let them have it! Now I am more curious to see who they are. Been told expectations cause disappointment :( I try not to expect anything from them.


You deserve a good life. Maybe your parents knew they couldn't provide that for you.

Miss being an orphan means my parents died.