It Ruins Eveything

my dad died when i was 23, he was a great man, and everybody i knew at the time told me so, i knew anyway, it has changed my life, everything changed that day, things have always been harder since he died, my mum suffered awfully, because they were great friends, i knew a big part of he died at the same time, my brother was 15 he suffered, my sister was 21, she suffered, my mum always tried to carry on for us, and she did, sure we had good times, but i know for a fact it affected me forever, i never worried about the same things after that day, i had been married 4 weeks at the time, i am still married to the same girl, she suffered, not from anything i did physically, but my withdrawal from life as i knew it i guess, i have done ok in life, we have 3 grown children, but i have lived all these years knowing that the only thing that really matters is health, staying alive for the peole around you and love, the better you are, the more you are missed, that is one problem with being great i suppose, the ones you leave suffer more, my mum died 20 years later, that hit me hard, mainly because although mum and i got on well, i always thought i would have faired better in life had mum been taken earlier and not dad, i was wrong, we watched her die in the hospital, the same one dad died in all those years later, being an orphan sucks at any age.

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1 Response Feb 25, 2009

I agree that being an orphan hits you bad at all times. I am 38. I lost my parents 4 years ago. Nothing can make up for them.<br />
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Trust in God and be brave is all I can say.